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Big and Strong: Leadership In Dog Training

I want to talk about leadership. This is one of those concepts that a lot of people realize they need to do better, particularly in relation to their dogs. Unfortunately, some of these people end up practicing that only looks like leadership. Some of them just try to look tougher, some say things in a …


The “Pure Positive” Myth: How to Use Correction Properly

This morning, I was out with my dog Chocolate Chip, just running around. It’s a cold winter and she’s in heat, so I’m not letting her run around the house and make a mess. During this time I like to let her have some fun, because otherwise she’ll go nuts. While on our walk, I …


Touring the Core: Stay Put!

In my last post, I discussed the concept of core behaviors: three behaviors which, done well, allow you to manage nearly everything. We’ve already discussed coming when called, so if you missed that one please go back and have a read! Today, I want to talk about how to get your dog to stay when …


Logos Over Pathos: Separating Emotion From Training

In today’s post, I want to address the problems that arise when we do things for ourselves rather than for our dogs. Without intending to offend anyone, I’d like to tell you about a conversation. Earlier today, I talked with a women who had a Belgian Malinois who was over a year old and very …


Deck the Halls: Managing Your Dog During the Holidays

Today, I want to write a little about getting your dog ready for Christmas. In my house, we’ve got the Christmas tree, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and all sorts of other Christmas gear. My wife has a blog that a bunch of people read, and this year a company asked her if …


Pavlov’s Bell: Changing Associations

I want to talk about Pavlov. Many people remember hearing about Pavlov in school, and some of you even studied him in depth. If you don’t know who he is, go do a quick Google search and find out some more about him, because he was a transformative figure in the study of behavioral theory. …


Chew On This: Solving A Common Problem

In this post, I want to address dog chewing. This issue is a big deal! I just got out of a session with a nine-month old dog who’s doing an absolutely stellar job in training. He’s trained off-leash, he listens at a high level, and he’s doing public access work to become a service dog. …


What Braces Taught Me About Dog Training

My daughter is ten and a half—and she needs braces. As we’ve gone to the dentist over the years, it’s starting to look like all of our other kids will need them too. When I think back to having braces, I remember how awful they were and how much I hated those years. My lips …


New Tricks: Encouraging Your Dog’s Proactivity

Today I’d like to share a phrase that I use quite a lot with my clients: “The more proactive your dog is in fixing their mistake, the sooner they won’t make that mistake.” Let me bring in an example to illustrate this concept: leash pulling. We work on this problem a lot with clients, because …

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