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How To Understand Dog Communication

Today I’d like to share my story about a bad haircut and how it relates to your dog training. (It does, I promise!) Right now I’m in Savannah, Georgia for my bother’s wedding. I never bring a razor with me when I travel, so I really needed to shave and my hair was getting …


Let It Snow: Winter Stimulation for Your Dog

As I write this, it’s cloudy and windy and chilly outside, and that means that soon we’ll start getting a certain type of call from some of our clients. Oftentimes, we train a dog in the spring or summer and have some great results in fixing aggression or house training. But sure enough, come the …


How To Have the Perfect Dog

Well, I hate to ruin things right away—but the perfect dog doesn’t exist. That’s a tough thing for me to admit, because when it comes down to it I like to provide my clients with everything they want and need. I want them to have the perfect dog and be the happiest clients in the …


Nudge By Nudge: How Problems Get Bigger

Today I want to talk about booking travel and how that relates to your dog. I’ve been booking some travel lately and have some other travel coming up. A month or two ago I went to New York for work to get a dog, and I’ve been booking Thanksgiving travel to go back home, I …

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