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Exception To The Rule: How To Train A Stubborn Dog

In today’s post, I want to talk about something difficult: your stubborn dog! I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot because Facebook was kind enough to show me a memory of a quote that I shared three or four years ago: “In order for a dog to be considered stubborn, he must first know …


Keeping The Fire: Passion and Play

This past week, I was out on a morning walk while on vacation in Flathead Lake in Montana, which is an absolutely stunning area. On morning walks you can see deer and birds diving into the water to catch fish, and our lakefront house had a beautiful dock. Yesterday on a hike we saw some …


Changing Contexts: Understanding Perspective

In this article, I’d like to talk a bit about context—in other words, how how dogs perceive information. At our company, we do a lot of boot camps. In these camps, both local people from here in Utah or people from out of state bring their dogs to us, and we train the dog and …

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