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How To Walk And Heel Responsibly

I want to talk about driving the car. A few days ago, I was working with a client who was making a small error, an error that plenty of people make and that can be fixed pretty easily. It reminded me of a story from when I was a kid. When I was sixteen years …


How to Train a Leash Reactive Dog By Training Focus First

I’m a linear thinker so I to go step by step in diagnosing and solving behavior problems. Let’s apply that to leash reactivity. Let’s think- What causes the reactivity? It’s typically anxiety combined with a lack of leadership. When a dog is feeling anxious what do they do? They look around at everything else to …


How to Train a Dog Who Doesn’t Want to Walk on a Leash

Do you have a dog who won’t walk on a leash and you want to learn how to train a dog who doesn’t want to walk on a leash? Here’s the thing. When a dog doesn’t want to walk on a leash it’s usually because the dog is scared or weirded out by the leash. …


Utah Dog Training- Tethering

Utah Dog Training- Tethering, What is it? At our Utah dog training company we get calls from dog owners in all different states.  Some are dealing with major aggression issues, heavy destruction problems, manners breakdowns, and a variety of other dog problems.  Others are just wanting to improve their dog’s obedience, their relationship with their …

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