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Pet and Regret: The Downsides of Affection

I want to talk today about an old saying that we have in dog training, which I probably heard for the first time about twenty years ago: “You get what you pet.” What’s that mean? Well, deep within this phrase there’s a very important lesson to be learned. It’s not talking literally about petting, although …


Your Last Dog: A Case Against Unfair Comparisons

Your last dog is not your current dog. It might be a dog that you had to give away, or passed away from old age, or a great companion who died too early from cancer. But it isn’t your current dog. This is a big source of frustration for dog owners, and a big hurdle …


Calm Over Crazy: Crafting A Good Mindset

Today I want to write a little about ways that we can create mindset. We talk about mindset a lot because it’s the first step to achieving the correct behavior. When your mindset is right, behaving well is laughably easy. But most people struggle to get their dog’s mindset in the right place. They might …

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