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FAQ: Basics of Puppy Training

I thought I would write a quick post from work, focused on a question that I receive a lot. This question came from someone who bought my video on how to raise the perfect puppy, and who had questions abut Her first question: “What type of crate do you recommend—wire crate or plastic mold?” I …


“Holding It In”: Basics of House Training

In today’s post, I’d like to address a big mistake that some people make when they’re house training. One big error I see people make is giving their dog too many opportunities to go to the bathroom. In the very beginning, when I’m house breaking a puppy, I try to give them lots of opportunities …


Understanding Systems, Part One: Puppy Love

In upcoming weeks, I’m going to devote a handful of posts to a topic that’s very important to me: systems. What I’m talking about when I use the word “system” is any process that we go through to achieve a desired result. Nearly every profession has its own set of systems. When you go to …


Puppy Problems: Minimizing Aggression and Anxiety

Today I’d like to speak about the impact of taking a puppy away from its mother and litter mates too early. I recently spoke with an owner who had done this, having brought her puppy home at about five weeks. While talking with her, I tried to explain some of the complex issues involved in …

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