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Understanding the “Sandbox”

Every dog trainer that has been in the business for a while has probably created their own “sandbox.” What on earth does that mean? Well, if you have your own sandbox, you get to determine how people can play with it. Perhaps you only play with one kind of toy in this sandbox, or have …


Logos Over Pathos: Separating Emotion From Training

In today’s post, I want to address the problems that arise when we do things for ourselves rather than for our dogs. Without intending to offend anyone, I’d like to tell you about a conversation. Earlier today, I talked with a women who had a Belgian Malinois who was over a year old and very …


The Problem With Husbands

Husbands are the bane of my existence. Now, I realize that I happen to be a husband. Is this a post about self-loathing? No! See, I’m a good type of husband. But I always joke with other dog trainers that if it weren’t for husbands, I’d be a rich man. Husbands have cost me more dog …

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