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How Should I Interact With Service Dogs?

In most of these blog posts, I give tips and talk about concepts. Today’s post is a little bit different: it’s a public service announcement about service dogs, from someone who frequently takes service dogs into public with clients. The message I want to convey boils down to this: leave dogs alone when you’re in …


How to Train a Dog to Find a Lost Child

In this video we show some progress on the training of this service dog for a young girl. The dog is being trained to find the child on command when she gets lost. The dog still needs help but is making nice breakthroughs.


A Perfect Match: What To Look For In the Shelter

Today I want to have a conversation about selecting shelter dogs, a topic about which many people have questions. Recently I spoke with someone who wanted to rescue a dog from the shelter and train it to be a therapy dog. They asked for our help, and I told them I could give them some …


Dogs Who Serve- Teddy the Sheltie

Service and Therapy Dog Training Teddy is a Sheltie who is one and a half years old. He’s currently training to be an autism service dog; a helper dog who will help a young boy with autism. Teddy was selected for his confidence, drive, intelligence, and intuitiveness. In addition to being trained for public access …


Utah Service Dog Training- Service Dog for Autism

At our service dog company in Salt Lake City we train a variety of service dogs. One of the most fulfilling is training service dogs for children with autism. Parents will ask us for various tasks including finding a child who runs away and helping the child when anxiety or meltdowns occur. We’ll often train …

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