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A Perfect Match: What To Look For In the Shelter

Today I want to have a conversation about selecting shelter dogs, a topic about which many people have questions. Recently I spoke with someone who wanted to rescue a dog from the shelter and train it to be a therapy dog. They asked for our help, and I told them I could give them some …


Service Dog Training in Utah

I was pleased to have our company and one of our service dog clients featured recently in a story done by KUTV Channel 2 in Utah. Check out the video- This is the second time I’ve been on the local news talking about this issue. You can see where I talked with KSL in Utah …


Service Dog Training- Utah

Over the past few years we have become busier and busier with service dog training that I’m seeing more and more questions come up regarding service dogs, their pricing, their definitions, their capabilities, etc.  I thought I’d take a moment and do a quick blog post to help folks understand a bit more about the …


Reliably Trained Service Dogs

There is a big problem in the service dog world. In the world of service dogs there are autistic service dogs, diabetic alert dogs, seeing eye dogs, dogs for people with PTSD and much, much more. While the tasks these dogs do vary widely there is one thing that every service dog needs. Every one …

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