Transformative Dog Training in Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Charleston, SC


Loved our virtual training program, Transform Your Dog in 60 Days! Our Goldendoodle Lola made huge strides within this 60 day program. It was easy to send him videos of the progress we were making and to have him evaluate and give feedback on what we needed to tweak to make the training better. I would recommend using Ty for any of his dog training programs.
Hillary Juhlin
We are 100% satisfied and will recommend Ty and his staff to anyone. We recently just got our dog back from a doggy boot camp and she has improved tremendously. We have a coonhound so she can be a little stubborn and became a little difficult for us to manage with her anxiety. We were definitely a little hesitant due to the price, but now that we have seen the changes in our dog we will have no issue doing it again in the future. We also felt that through the whole process everyone that works for Ty was very informative and extremely nice to work with. No one there made us feel like we didn’t know how to handle a dog; they were helpful, friendly, and very educational about proper techniques to use. We were amazed how much our dog had changed when we picked her up. Our dog is much better now that some of her anxiety issues have been fixed and everyone that knew her before can’t believe how much improvement she has made. There is a reason Ty the Dog Guy wins best of state year after year and as long as we live in Utah he will be the only trainer that we trust our dogs with.
Derek Ashby
Brought my 2.5 month old GSD pup for his first training with TY himself. It was literally like a day & night difference with just one session which lasted 1.5 hours. It was truly remarkable. I can't wait to see how well my pup becomes even more trained with 5 more personal sessions with unlimited group sessions. I highly recommend using Ty and his crew for training.
Kenan Bushati
Our 3 1/2 year old cockapoo had many bad behaviors. Wouldn't come when you called him, chased cars, barked at all the other passing dogs, jumped on everyone that came to the door etc. I was at whits-end with our dog and ready to give him away but my husband, kids and I compromised on getting him some good training. We enrolled our dog in a 5 week doggy boot camp at Ty the Dog Guy's, our dog is now a completely different dog, well-mannered, obedient and an awesome part of our family. It has been life changing having our dog go to their doggy boot camp. The best thing we could have done for our dog! Thanks guys!!
Kari Baltz
We boarded our notoriously stubborn beagle with Ty for a month as our family went on an extended vacation. By the time we returned he was calmer with the kids, instantly obedient, and practically barked with a proper British accent. (Joking about that part). But seriously, the improvement in his behavior was more than we could have ever hoped for. I enthusiastically recommend Ty and his entire crew for both boarding and training.
Troy Pattee
We were really worried about my dog, Finn. After he was attacked by another dog on the trail, he became more and more aggressive toward other dogs he doesn't know. After a three-week doggie boot camp with Ty the Dog Guy and his colleagues, Finn was so much more obedient and much less worried about other dogs. Sarah, one of Finn's trainers on Ty's team helped me understand Finn better. Not dogs in general. Finn in particular. What to do with Finn in various circumstances. The boot camp was expensive but it was worth it. Finn is happier. I am happier.
Alan Melby
Ty,Absolutely, I have viewed other videos/trainers but yours is more realistic and not theoretical like others. Most miss the structure and way to solve problems. I have already tried a few of your programs and I am seeing success .Note, my Lhasa Apso too knew the basic commands but after listening to your videos I realized that its not enough just to know but a dog has to perfect it when exposed to all distractions.Personally, I am dealing with dog’s aggression towards my kids, strangers and sometimes my wife ( could be insecurity, knowing its place in pack structure, socialization and possession). I plan to follow your instructions and hope to see results. I will reach out to you for help if I still struggle.My far, you are the best ( I have seen a number of videos, trainers and please feel free to quote me in your website and I will be happy to let you share this as I believe that other dog owners having similar problems will benefit from your training program.)
Suresh Subbiah
Mr. Brown,Oli, my beloved dog, and I want to thank you for your help you gave us with your videos. We bought your Curing Dog Aggression DVDs we’ve been working with Oli for 2 months and we’ve had huge progress. We still need to polish some things but the improvement is incredible. I never thought I could take her to the beach and have her surrounded by people and that she’s stay calmly in her spot (photo attached).I think the biggest problem is that everything makes her afraid and before rationalizing what’s going on she lunges…mostly with people and dogs. Her adrenaline dosis is more important than anything else. With your method of obedience we’ve achieved that she processes her fear in a passive form and she’s begun to realize that her fears are unfounded. It is a constant battle (the adrenaline is a big adversary) but every error that Oli commits is an opportunity to correct and improve.In your videos you don’t speak much about adrenalized dogs but I listened to your podcast that you did with the other trainer and it was very helpful. If you had more tips that would be wonderful.Thank you very much,
Alvaro Corzo
mya_dog_training-113x150Wanted to send me experience with your training program. Started off with the basics with first disc and continued with each other disc. Then I ordered E-collar from you. Amazing difference. Nikka my yellow lab/border collie mix that we got from the dog shelter at 4 months old has mad amazing strides in herTy is wonderful!! He took our 18 month old Doberman- Mya who was hell on 4 legs and turned her into a very loving, obedient and good family and house dog. In 3 short weeks he took her from a barking, nipping, jumping, destroying puppy to that of one that stays in her place when told, doesn’t jump, stops barking when told to, and amazingly enough can be walked off leash for blocks around children, cars, cows, and other dogs and stays in a heel position.My 4 boys and baby have gone from fearing the dog to loving her and sleeping with her. They can now run across the back yard without being nipped or knocked over, my neighbors are even saying how amazingly well she is doing. People are asking us all the time what we have done to get her to obey so well.Well, we have to say all the glory goes to Ty! Thanks Ty I was at my wits ends and ready to give her away and now she is the dog we hoped for! Thank you for turning our terrorist dog into a great family dog- now only if you took teenagers for 3 weeks!!!Thanks,
Matt Wallace
nikka_dog_training-150x150Wanted to send me experience with your training program. Started off with the basics with first disc and continued with each other disc. Then I ordered E-collar from you. Amazing difference. Nikka my yellow lab/border collie mix that we got from the dog shelter at 4 months old has mad amazing strides in her attitude and obedience.Getting her at 4 months old was a new experience for me. All the other dogs I have brought up was from the age of six weeks old. this was more challenging for me. I needed help. After ordering Ty's program and the E-Collar and using Ty's e collar methods, It is mow more fun to take her for walks. The E-Collar started working in just a few days.She stay's with me and minds all commands. She plays with other dog real well and some of the aggression issues are going away. The only one I still need work on is she still gets possessive with other dogs coming around her food or bones. I really enjoy using Ty's training methods and see a beautiful future in our relationship with our Nikka.Thank you Ty
shawnprice-150x150I adopted a huge ball of energy in the form of an english mastiff not too long ago. He had numerous behavior problems including food stealing, bolting out any open door, ripping open trash. in just a few weeks of subscribing to, a single weekend working with trainer JoeTomsich, and a few weeks of work, my problem puppy is now ready to pass a service dog test.Many thanks to the folks at Ty the Dog Guy and their amazing training techniques.Sincerely,
Shawn Price
Rottweiler_dog_training-150x150Ty, I just had to write to tell you THANK YOU! We adopted a roughly three year old female rottweiler about two years ago and have loved having her.She is, however, 100 plus pounds of dog! While we had worked on basic commands, she would not follow them if distractions were present. Thus, they weren’t much good. We’re on week three of using your training videos and the ecollar. It has been wonderful. I only regret that we did not know about or look into this earlier.She walks at a heel, sits, and stays with other dogs around, cats crossing the street and little kids screaming. We love having her and taking her with us to the park.I can tell we will certainly have more freedom and less worry in the future wondering how she will react if we take her along. Your training videos have allowed us to have our big girl be an integral part of our family. Thank you!
Danielle R
Hi Ty, I think anyone getting a dog and needs help training should most definitely call you. You’re like the dog wisperer of Utah County! I want to thank you very much! You brought me much closer to my best friend. I did not know how for sure to train my dog. but for you it just came natural. your a great trainer and a great teacher.Thanks again
Sean Nuttall
Ty, thank you, thank you, thank you! With your training methods our dogs are becoming such “little people”.No more terrorizing guests when they arrive, no more jumping and running all over the place destroying everything (and everyone) in sight!Not only do adults enjoy spending time with the dogs, they feel safe letting their kids come up and play as well.I never thought we would get to that point with Chopper!! Thank you for training us how to train our dogs, we never could have done it without you.
Michelle Nichols
Working with Ty Brown has been a really great experience. My dog Rikki was having trouble with housebreaking, basic obedience and jumping on people. She now is almost completely house broken, very obedient and almost never jumps on anyone in just two sessions.I would highly recommend Ty to any of my friends and family. He is great with dogs as well as people! Plus, he comes to your house, who can beat that?! Ty has also been very helpful with his follow up phone calls, giving great tips and advice if Rikki is slipping in any area.Please don’t hesitate to call Ty, it is definitely worth the time and money to have the dog you’ve always wanted!
The Fugals
german_shepherd_dog_training-150x150I can’t thank you enough for having Ty (the dog trainer) on your show a few months ago. I contacted Ty in hope he could help with my 2 year old German Shepherd who weighs about 100 + pounds. (Almost as much as me) Unfortunately I got him right before winter and didn’t spend the time needed with a new puppy.He was a monster. I couldn’t take him out of the backyard, he would continually would get out of his collar and take off, barking, jump on me and my daughter. I called Ty in hope he could take BUCK for 3 weeks and have him trained, because I ASSUME THAT I WOULD HAVE TO SPEND HOURS DAILY to get him to be somewhat normal.Ty suggested a 3 or 4x training sessions. After the 1st training session WE HAVE A NEW DOG. Buck will heal for me and my 8 year old daughter, he has gone on 2 camping trips,has gone without a leash at our cabin and stayed by ourside, walks by other dogs without pulling.After 2nd session, he doesn’t jump up on us anymore and working on staying for a longer period. It has only been 3 weeks and approx. 1 hour 5 times a week to change a 2 year old dogs behavior to a new additional to our family. I highly suggest giving Ty a call instead of thinking your dog is hopeless, boy was I wrong. and Ty’s prices are alot less than a new dog. We had a mean outdoor dog that we proble couldn’t have given away, to Buck who will become an outdoor/indoor pet.
Bobi Coleman
My wife and I have two dogs a Shih tzu and a Giant Schnauzer we had never bothered with training for a dog before when we got our Giant Darius but we thought about it and we figured its better to prevent bad habits than to fix them.Tucker he is a little turd about 50% of the time the other 50% he is asleep so we didn’t bother with him because he is already 10 and getting old, But if our giant acted like him we’d be in trouble.Ty’s training is amazing he came to us when darius was 5 months old and still quite puppyish. he was calm as far as puppies go but I would never have imagined that 3 months later I could have him off leash healing, sitting and staying on the first command, and all together just listening to your commands really well.The most fortunate part about starting him young is that we will never have to experience the bad habits dogs pick up as puppies like chewing up your stuff or aggression issues. Do yourself a favor don’t say to yourself “We can train him just as good” because you might just end up having to come back anyway to have Ty fix your problems, or get rid of the dog because it has been too difficult to deal with.I’ve seen other dogs of this breed be aggressive and down right mean, but my dog won’t be because I went to Ty first.
Ty is absolutely amazing! I had never raised a dog before and soon learned that training our Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Candy, was more than I could handle. She has a definite mind of her own. Before I sent her to Puppy Boot Camp with Ty, walks were a nightmare, she chewed on computer cords, and I was cleaning up a lot of messes in the house. I was afraid that if she got away from the leash or out of the house that she would take off.I was hesistant about sending a puppy off to Boot Camp, but Ty took her into his home and gave her lots of love along with getting her problem issues under control. He also spent time working with me so that I could continue her training. Now she listens to me and my daughter, is housetrained, and comes when she calls. Walks are the best part of the day — she walks beside me calmly rather than running off to sniff every blade of grade or pulling to follow cars home and say Hi to their owners. Ty far exceeded my expectations for training Candy and giving us a great relationship with her that will last for many years to come.
Jill Wiggins
We live in St.George, and I want to thank Joe for saving our dog from a life of sadness and training trauma. I thought I knew more than most, when it came to dog training, I studied Cesar, and even went to his seminar for training, and I believe that his philosophy is great for training a dog to become calm and submissive.But we recently got Diesel, who is a year and a half old, Pedigree German Shepherd, who was full of life, and ready to work, so we decided to involve him in the sport of Schutzhund, which involves high obedience, and protection. This was something I knew nothing about. I saw a truck at the park advertising K-9 & Protection training, and without doing my homework, we jumped right in. But after two months, we couldn’t get Diesel to play tug, or even look us in the eyes, he completely shut down. Then we called Joe for help. And with the help Joe, and Ty the Dog Guy, we have our Diesel Back! And he”s better than ever!After one evaluation, Joe was able to diagnose training mistakes (Crank&Yank) that contributed to Diesel’s shut down, and he was able to put us on the right track, it was truly amazing. I would have never been able to notice the things that Joe saw, he’s truly a master of his craft. We are now on the right track, and we have a new improved Diesel! Diesel is now involved in Schutzhund, and we are so proud of him! Thank you Ty the Dog Guy, and Joe Tomsich in Saint George.
Paul Valencia
labrador_dog_training-150x150Let me start out by saying that Ty is no less than a dog miracle worker! I have been around dogs my whole life but had never actually had one of my own until I decided to get a black lab puppy named Cocoa.From 8 weeks to 6 months old I had tried many different things to try and train her including Petco classes, but at 6 months I was at my wits end and thinking that I might have made a big mistake.Cocoa was so hyper, even after vigorous exercise. I couldn’t have her in the house without having her leash in my hand at all times.Walks were a joke because she would pull me along with such force that I would never dare let anyone else even hold the leash for fear of their safety.She would eat anything she could get her mouth on including broken glass on the side of the street.Coming when called was a big joke and made me look like a fool on a daily basis. Also, keep away was a more intriguing game to her than fetch.My life with Cocoa is a classic example of a before and after story.Before and after Ty the dog trainer. So at 6 months I found Ty’s website and decided to buck up and do the Level III training program that guarantees, “the absolute highest level of on and off leash training available anywhere.”To be honest I didn’t believe him but because of his guarantees I decided to give him a shot.After the first session I had a different dog, I could actually have her in the house on her “place” without her running around and creating havoc. To make a long story short Ty lived up to every ...
David Judd
american_eskimo_dog_training-150x150Ty, I want to thank you for working with me on Bear’s naughty behavior.He comes when I call, walks right next to me off leash and stops barking at strangers walking by on command. I almost gave up hope on him and I am so glad I found you.You are great with dogs and you understand them. I wish I had met you sooner. Thank you!
Thanh Nakata
I can’t thank Ty enough for his help with our little Yorkie/Maltese mutt, Louie. My husband and I got him as a puppy hoping we would be able to potty train him from a young age. Both of us had only owned bigger dogs and knew it might be a little tough with a smaller dog. We started with puppy pads in our apartment, and he would decide to go on those sometimes, but still would continuously go on the carpet, the couch, and even our bed! When we moved into a house with a yard, we thought he would do better since we would be able to let him out more. Nothing changed. In fact, the freedom made it worse.He had become a 10 lb. terror, barking/whining all through the night, going to the bathroom in the house after we had been outside with him for half an hour, bolting out the door when people would come over, and had a big problem with submissive peeing.However, he is the sweetest, cuddliest dog. Everyone loves him. He’s never had aggression issues and is great with kids. He just didn’t seem to want to want to go to the bathroom outside, and had overwhelming anxiety over everything. After putting up with this for 2 years, my husband was at his wit’s end. I told him we should call Ty the Dog Trainer whom we had heard of from 97.1.In our first session, Louie fought back a little, but by the end of the night he was calm and very obedient. After just our first appointment, Louie started going to the door when he needed to go to the bathroom and only had 1 accident inside. He no longer barks in the night or early in the morning. He has very limited ...
Doug and Angie
We are the owners of a 2 year old Lhasa Apso. Simon is his name. He was lovable and friendly… but only when he wanted to be. He had a mind of his own, which he would use frequently and far too often.Simon had the habit of biting or nipping at people in our home as a way of showing that he was in charge. Well after he bit our 6 year old son on the face, we made the decision to find him another home. In the process of searching for a place for Simon to live we heard about Ty The Dog Trainer. Our nephew and his family used Ty to train their Lhasa Apso which produced great results. We had the same experience. Ty came to our home for 3 – 2 hour sessions over the space of 6 weeks and it was awesome!After lesson 1 we could already see amazing progress. This once nervous, angry and aggressive animal had turned into a disciplined, sweet and friendly pup. Each session proved to be better than the last. The end result is astonishing. We can now take Simon for walks without a leash with no worries, and our little dog now loves people. He is truly a part of our family. Simon is happier, we are happier and the feeling in our home is calm, loving and peaceful. We now have a dog who instead of being a worry and concern is well mannered, well behaved and above all…Well trained!Thank you Ty. Your training methods made all the difference in the world!Sincerely
We adopted Lyla, an 11 month old Siberian Husky almost a year ago. She was a loving, energetic girl and we fell in love with her immediately. Within a few months, though, she began to develop some bad behaviors.We tried everything we could think of to train her to stop the unwanted behaviors.She bolted out the front door, stole food off the counters, and pestered our other dog endlessly. The barking, however, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The barking continued to escalate over several months until we reached the point that she barked non-stop from the time we got home from work until we went to bed each night.At our wits end, we looked into some other (extremely expensive) dog training programs, until we found Ty.What a difference Ty has made in our lives! The barking stopped after just one appointment with Ty (during which he never actually heard her bark). He supported us not only with our training sessions, but with phone calls and e-mails between sessions when we had questions/concerns.Ty exceeded our expectations and helped us achieve every one of our desired behaviors with Lyla. She is much calmer, more focused and has attained a level of obedience we never dreamed we could achieve.We can’t thank you enough, Ty!
Joe and Teresa
“Without thinking I dove head first into taking on a dachshund who needed a new home. His previous home had 3 young boys who really gave him a hard time and thus, he had an affinity for trying to annihilate the neighbor kids.Ty came to the rescue and set to work training me. He made sure I had a good understanding of why my dog was behaving the way he was, explained to me what I needed to do to correct the unwanted behavior, and then spent hours working with Cujo and me to correct the behavior.Along with aggression, Ty also helped in bad house behaviors such as jumping, begging, etc. Cujo and I had a strong bond before the training, but an even better one after.His behavior improved immensely-with hard work, but for the first time I had the proper tools and resources. My Little Man is the light of my life and the best house guest a dog-mom could ask for, all thanks to Ty! And to top it all off, he is still available to answer any questions I have, whether it’s regarding Cujo or any of my other dogs. Thanks so much Ty! It was money/time/effort well spent!”
Hey Ty, I wanted to send a note to tell you how thrilled we are with the results we have accomplished with Atticus. It was such a positive experience for our family to work with you. Your perspective on dog behavior is right on target and that, in turn, gets great results.With Atticus having aggression issues and him being a 3 year old, 140 pound Great Dane, I was very nervous about the training experience. You let me work at my comfort level, only asking for the next step when I felt Atticus and I were ready. (Wait a minute, was it me or Atticus who was being trained?) I felt like any question I asked was valid.You have a great way of explaining your techniques and always checking to see that the tasks were understood and that we were able to follow through on them. With your positive training methods we are able to manage the aggression behavior.You have really made a change in our lives and I would recommend you to anybody who is seeking help. Thanks so much!
Amy Orr
“We are so delighted and thankful for your wonderful training services with our 200lb baby mastiff Zeppelin. As our youngest puppy, he has been a handful from the beginning (apparently your first dog doesn’t train the new puppy – who knew?).When I realized that I could no longer control this puppy I called Ty the Dog Guy in Utah right away. We were so very pleasantly surprised at the puppy that came home after only 3 weeks.Thank you so much Ty – it has been amazing to see such a huge transformation in Zeppelin in such a short amount of time.Since his time with you, we’ve taken him to parks and many many walks where he has proved to be a gentle, friendly, and well behaved giant.He walks by my side (on and off the leash), he sits, stays, and lays down upon command, and he comes to my side when I call him every time. It’s absolutely wonderful.”
The Skows
Ty, Thank you so much for all of your help. Our dog Millie has always been a sweetheart–albeit a naughty one.After your training sessions she is so much better about not pulling on the leash when we go on walks, coming when called, and not assaulting our guests with slobbery kisses. We noticed improvement after only one session and her behavior continues to get better with each passing day.Your techniques are fun, creative, and extremely effective. We also enjoyed having you at our house for the training. You were very funny, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thanks for improving Millie’s behavior, it is sure to make our lives together so much more enjoyable! –
Ty taught us how to make huge changes in our German Shepherd’s behavior. I honestly had my doubts that she would ever be able to be off leash, stop barking at strangers, or basically listen to us in general–but Ty proved me wrong.We are enjoying her so much more now, and everyone can tell that she is happier too. I am still amazed every day at the changes I see in her.Ty gave us the control that I never thought we would have. We got our life back and we are now very proud parents–best money I ever spent. Thank you Ty!!!
Jenn Bain
Ty, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the training and support you’ve provided for “my Ty”, the English Mastiff and I.Late last year, Ty was a 9 month old, 98 lb. English Mastiff that had no training whatsoever. He left for a month of your boot camp training and came back a wonderful addition to the household. He could sit, lay down, stay in his place, heel and walk nicely on and off –leash. Just as importantly, he knew not to “counter surf”, lick or mouth anyone or anything, eat from any dish except his, stay quietly in his kennel when asked and to never jump on or around anyone.After his return, you’ve only been a phone call or email away and have gone above and beyond the call of duty when providing support. My Ty is now a handsome, 18 month old, 160 lb.English Mastiff with flawless manners, exemplary behavior and a joy to own. He and I have been diligent about following your advice and training together each evening for about 20 minutes plus a longer, more intensive 45 minute session once a week. But its only the base training and follow-ups you provided that got Ty and I to where we are today.Today, Ty is a dog that I can take off-leash anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Even when we are in a “leash required” area, I simply snap on his lead, stick its handle in my pocket and tell him to “stay close”.Not only do I never have to raise my voice, my commands to Ty now are spoken so softly that people next to me often don’t realize I’ve said anything. In addition to the automatic “sit” when we stop walking in the heel position, Ty comes to heel automatically when we approach ...
Jen Cline
Hi Ty, Just wanted to check in and let you know that Sierra is doing REALLY well. I am so happy with her and she is so much better behaved.It is nice to be able to sit on my front porch and have her out there with me enjoying things. She is great on trail and responds well. Overall I am so very pleased with the changes your help brought about in her behavior.Take good care and thanks again.
Thanks for all the encouragement and positive dog training. It not only helped train Gabby but it’s nice to to have a system that teaches my kids how to love and respect animals.It is great to watch Gabby follow my 2 year old around the yard simply because he has her leash in his hand.Ty with Ty the Dog Guy, helped me so much with the entire doggy process. The first time we spoke, I bombarded him with questions. He was so gracious and took time to answer all of them. He helped me along every step of the way, beginning with the breed of dog, to finding a reputable breeder, then finally training our newest family member. Thanks to Ty we don’t just have a dog, we have a great addition to our family.Sincerely,
Missy Collard
Ty, I just wanted to write you to thank you for all the help you have given in the training of my two Sharpei’s (Lexie and Sadie).Before I heard about you I had spent countless time and money trying to train my dogs myself. I never in a million year thought I would acheive what we did in four sessions.My concerns before were getting the dogs not to take me for a walk and feeling confident that if they were to get out they would come back when called.After the four session not only did we address my issues but we were able to teach them to lay down when told and also to be out front without a leash. I had always been told that Sharpei’s were a breed that was hard to train but you truly made it seem easy. I can’t tell you how much you have made my life a lot more enjoyable as well as my dogs. You truly are a Dog’s best friend.Thank you again,
Lori Yates
Ty, I just wanted to say thanks for the training for Boo. He has just been awesome. He is so much calmer and we have been practicing the things on the list and he is doing great. I thought he was good on a leash when we went walking, but he is tons better now. I love it. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is having pet issues. Thanks again!
We met Ty a couple of months ago when we adopted Barney, a three year old Rottweiler. Barney is a great dog but he came to us after his beloved owner had suddenly passed away. Barney was filled with severe anxiety anytime anyone left the house. He would cry and pace the house and was a nervous wreck.Ty came to our home for the first visit and I mentioned this problem. Ty gave us a couple of EASY suggestions to implement during certain situations and within a week Barney had calmed down and became a normal dog with NO anxiety!We had four visits with Ty. Barney went from being a scared and timid dog needing several repeats of the basic commands to being an off leash well mannered dog during the 4th visit with Ty. Now, my goal is do try out some obedience trials for fun.You will NOT go wrong with Ty as your dog trainer. You’ll only go wrong if you don’t have him help you with your dog. Ty is amazing and knows his stuff! Thanks Ty
Kelly Rigby
We have a Chocolate Lab, that we purchased when she was 4 months old. She was an adorable, rambunctious puppy. We signed her up for puppy classes at Petsmart. After finishing the class, we saw little change. We signed her up again, hoping that his time, she might “get it”.No such luck. I searched Craigs list for a trainer. I found one, that was cheap, and they came out to my home. One hour visit, and one phone call to check in, after the fact – and that was it! You get what you pay for. My dog was worse now than before. She was resentful when I used the tactics from the trainer, (which I found a bit cruel) and her misbehaving was at an all time high.She was eating my wood fence, had eaten 3 trees down beyond a stump, had chewed through my air conditioner wires, had eaten a patio chair, the list goes on and on. I tried Craigs list again.That is when I found Ty! He was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I decided that my dog was worth the investment to me, and like I said before….. you get what you pay for.Ty came to my home for three sessions of 2 hours each. He was friendly to my dog, and to my family. He involved all of us in the training process, so that our dog could be part of the family.As he would try a new technique with our dog, he would explain to us the method behind the training, and why he thought it would be effective for her. His style was not “cookie cutter”, one size fits all. His training was very specific to my dogs personal needs. He gave us “homework” to work on until ...
The Hartleys
I have a great dog, he’s a bulldog mastiff mix and he is 2 years old and his name is Ikaika. I love my dog, and have always enjoyed owning dogs. One day in the spring I was letting him out of his kennel and he raced over around the house and started barking aggressively at a 4 year old neighbor who had gone down our driveway.I immediately called him back, and went towards him. He didn’t want to come, and was intent on barking. I was worried about safety because he is a large dog, I was scared and he was scared and it made me even think of getting rid of him.I contacted Ty about the incident and what things I could do to be a better owner for Ikaika and how we could not have problems like that in the future and insure safety.Ty explained and helped me to understand why dogs will behave like that, and the dynamics of owning a dog and being a leader for the dog so he knows who is in charge.We worked together for about 6 weeks and now I am a better owner and he’s still a great dog. He still gets territorial and barks, but comes immediately when called back, and is not as nervous about people or children.We took advantage of situations to learn from them and get comfortable with all different types of people and scenarios. I take him everywhere and he is great. Ty was easy to work and I will always be glad that he worked with us.
Rev is the best dog you chose for us, I can't describe the joy she has brought to our family. She is awesome, and completely listens, she loved my daughter right away and listened to her perfect also, as soon as she walked in the door.We also practiced speak, and practiced me falling down and she immediately came to my rescue, speaking, poking me with her nose, went to go get Taylor, she is perfect. She knows where her potty spot is and love to play with her ball. And she loves the cat and the cat loves her back. You and the crew are fabulous at Ty the Dog Guy.
Very glad I spent the time and money on Ty's training course. I no longer stress about my dog's behavior when I am out in public. I took him on a public trail run the other day and he stayed glued to my side until I gave him a release command (no leash needed!). This is a dramatic change from the dog who would either jump on everyone he met or growl. This training has made both of us much more calm and confident which really makes owning a dog so much more enjoyable! Ty know's his stuff, don't hesitate to start training with him if your dog has behavioral issues. It will be the best investment you can make.
Heather Waldron
Ty’s Train Your Dog in 60 Days program is excellent! As we live across the country from Ty, we started with the DVDs & book and then signed up for the 12-week webinar group class. Information in the program is easy to follow each week, and the webinar group class improved results dramatically by addressing our specific issues and questions. It has been amazing to see how a solid foundation of obedience positively affects, and eventually eliminates bad behavior. Incredibly appreciative to Ty for transforming our crazy dog into one that greets our guests politely, walks well on a leash, can be trusted to listen off leash, and that overall we can confidently handle.
Amy Milhorne
We love working with the group. Whether it is Ty, Joe, or Emily, they have all been fabulous. Bear joined our family when he was 6 months old, and had never been on a leash, or in public. He has completely transformed to obedient and well mannered in just 6 weeks. Thank You!
Kimberlee Sylvester
Two thumbs way up for Ty (and of course Joe!). Our Rottie had some fairly significant aggression issues, to the point that we considered adopting her out. After a serious boot camp stay and some amazing training by Ty, Joe and the staff, our dog is a changed girl! Thank you guys for an amazing job well done!
Devin Novara
I had the privilege to spend the past week at Ty the dog guys facility in Sandy Utah . I was there to shadow under him and his partner Joe . In the short time I was here I learned so much! Ty, Joe and the rest of the staff not only have a wonderful way with people that come in for training but a awesome relationship with the dogs . I saw dogs transform in front of my eyes in positive, healthy way. Every dog I saw them work with made wonderful strides forward ! From the time I got there till the time I left was a night and day transformation with all the dogs I saw and I was lucky enough to be a small part of that. I am a trainer from Michigan and thought I knew a lot until I came and learned from these wonderful people who know so much more! Not only do I recommend them , it's a must ! If you're a trainer and believe that you need some guidance or need to learn more I recommend you give them a call . You will not regret it. if your dog has obedience issues , aggression issues or for literally anything else You think your dog needs they are trainers for you ! ( they also do also Service dog training and protection dog training ) If you want your dog to be a better dog for you and your family I know Ty the dog guy is the place for you ! Unless ur in Michigan of course 😉 lol Big thanks again to Ty , Joe , Sarah , Molly , lee, Jessica and Zoey for making us a part of your family:) your friend always Joey from Joey ...
Joey Luke
Ty and his crew of trainers know how to handle any dog issues. They are truly amazing at what they do. We sent our dog, Mika to them for a boot camp training program. She had terrible aggression issues with other dogs and people and gotten to the point where we could hardly walk her. They laid down an amazing foundation of obedience and taught her how to properly handle her stress and frustration. We couldn't be happier with all they have done for us. They will without a doubt, create a balanced, obedient dog that can handle anything thrown at it, but it is up to you to fix the problems in your relationship so that you have the best companion imaginable. The better our relationship becomes, the more we can see how in-depth the training is. We are constantly amazed at how well she does in difficult situations and we get compliments on how well she's trained all the time. We are so grateful to them, they have truly transformed our dog and our lives!
Jessy Bentley
These guys are amazing! They have worked wonders with my dog. I had been dealing with dog aggression issues for years that had caused me so many problems and I was truly at my wits end. Many people had encouraged me to just surrender my dog. I can't believe what a difference I see in my dog's obedience and ability to coexist with other dogs after boot camp. I had almost given up hope! I HIGHLY recommend Ty and his business. The trainers here Joe and Mollie are so nice too and everyone has a great sense of humor. They offer great ongoing support as well. A pleasure to work with them.
Jessica Pimental
Everyone there is so knowledgeable about dogs! My dog, Theo, has a lot of issues with new people and human aggression even though he already was very obedient. Even though he wasn't the typical client these guys see he has already improved a lot and I've learned a lot about dog behavior. They have so many tools and techniques for any type of dog and their owner and I would recommend them to anyone who has a dog!
Dayna Winter-Nolte
I have a wonderful dog. A Bernese Mountain/Border Collie mix. She had been going to one of the big doggie day care places. She had been attacked a few times, once it required stitches and other times she was just traumatized. It got to the point that she was scared of I guess everything. She never left my side at home. Barked ferociously at any dog or person coming near me or the house. Then at the other day care she jumped into a fight between 2 dogs. She stopped it, but only by rag dolling one of the dogs. She didn't break the skin, but it was enough for them to say she needed to go. That was such a stressful day. My lovely dog was a troublemaker. What was I going to do? That day has changed out lives.I found Ty the Dog Guy. They evaluated my dog. All of their workers are trained in dog behavior and are mostly (if not all) trainers in their own right. They watched my dog. Found that she got really stressed around other dogs. So, they limit her play time and watch for the signs of stress and bring her back in for quiet time when needed. Now, after 4 months of having her with Ty she leaves my side happily. She does bark but not as much. She is coming out of her shell. She is gaining confidence. This is the best place for really looking after your dog. They CARE. They pay attention. It isn't just a summer job for them.I don't think there is a dog they wouldn't take. They have the knowledge and training to work with them.
Kerri Hallbeck
Ty, Joe and the rest of the team are just awesome. Their extensive knowledge of dog training is outstanding. On top of that they are great people who truly care about helping people and their dogs.
Nicole Revezzo
Ty helped out a lot in training my Japanese Akita and Alaskan Malamute. Great experience, and great people to work with. I'm very happy with the progress my dogs have made. They truly are transformed!
Samuel Neumeier
Our home situation was horrendous because one of our dogs had major aggression issues. We put her in boot camp and finally have peace of mind that everyone is going to be safe and happy. The whole staff was so supportive and helped us with both dogs and made us feel totally confident! This is more than a life saver than I can even say!
Emily Dins
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