Who ELSE Wants to Transform Their Dog's Behavior in 60 Days or Less... Or Your Money Back?

Leash pulling, aggression, anxiety, jumping, chewing, bad manners, barking, not coming when called, and much, much, more.

Even if you've tried other trainers, even if you've had problems for weeks months or YEARS, our  GUARANTEED Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program can help you and your dog...

Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere, have a dog who LISTENS...even with distractions, and a dog who happily respects you and pays attention to you no matter what...

60 Days to See Complete Results

Whether it's the small stuff like leash pulling or jumping, or big stuff like aggression and anxiety, over 90% of our dog owners see the results they're looking for in 60 days or less.


The only dog training program on earth where you can do the whole thing and get a refund AFTER you're done if you didn't get results.


What would your life be like if...?

Having been helping dog owners like you for over two decades I've come to know dog owners really well.

And I know things about you.

You're likely someone who


Has big problems that you've TRIED to solve...and haven't figured out how. Or...


Have big goals. Your dog is a good dog overall, but you need to get the hang of things like leash manners, off-leash control, and you ESPECIALLY need those things to happen when there are distractions. Or...


You've got a puppy and you want to start off right.

Am I right?

I also know the frustration that dog owners have.

You're already watching videos on Youtube. You're talking with friends, family, and co-workers to get tips and ideas. You're reading articles, maybe a book here or there...

But there's a problem.

Even if the advice and training you're getting is good (and it often isn't) it doesn't matter!!


It doesn't matter because training a dog is all about getting to the root causes of WHY your dog is being disobedient or acting out.


A dog owner whose dog is barking and lunging, or jumping on guests, or pulling on the leash...


They want a shortcut.  They want a quick tip for what word to say, what collar or leash to use, or something simple that will just get the dog to stop!

But it doesn't work like that.

Each and every problem your dog has comes from a deeper challenge.

That challenge may be too much pent up mental or physical energy, it could be fear, it could be an out of balance relationship with the owner, it could be anxiety...

It can be a LOT of things.

But the bottom line is: THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!

I guess I should say...there is no quick fix where you say this word in that tone, or use this special leash or that special shirt, or whatever...

But there IS a shortcut where you don't HAVE to take months or years to get a dog to STOP bad behavior and FINALLY start listening.

Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program is exactly that.

No, I'm not going to show you a quick tip or trick.

What I'm going to do in this program is help you establish a relationship where your dog is happily respectful of you, has a calm mindset, thinks through problems instead of simply reacting, and listens and minds you because he or she WANTS to mind you and realizes that it's the happiest way for all to exist.

Does that sound like something you want?

If so, then investing in this program is the only logical choice.

It's logical because it's a program built on taking you by the hand and showing you week-by-week, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to overcome any issue you might have.

And it's logical because if it DOESN'T work for you I'll refund the entire PROGRAM cost, no questions asked.

Keep reading for more FAQ's, to see testimonials of people we've worked with, and order your program today!

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How much does the program cost?

When you order today the program will be $397 for both the e-collar and the online access. You can also set up 3 monthly payments of $147.

What if it doesn’t work?

We’ve never had the program not work for someone IF they put in the work.  But if it’s not for you, just email us within 60 days to ask for a refund of $197 for the program fee.  We can’t refund the cost of the collar and you can do whatever you want with the collar.

Is the e-collar cruel?

Well….it can be. If you use it improperly. Any tool can be used improperly. You could do treat training and use way too many treats and make your dog unhealthy. The tool is neither good nor bad, it’s how you use it. In this program we teach you how to use it so it's a barely noticeable call to attention to your dog.

My dog is small. Can we still use the e-collar?

Yes. When you order make sure to note if your dog is under 10 pounds in weight. If so, we’ll send you a smaller collar built for your dog. But the collar works the same for big and small dogs. We use it on such low levels that it’s humane and fair for even the little guys.

What issues will this program solve for my dog and I?

Every dog is different, it’s true.

But we’ve found that if EVERY dog gets trained in the Four Bucket Areas we talk about in the video then just about everything you’re dealing with will either be fixed or greatly improved.  And we stand behind that so much we even guarantee it with money back.

What if I need more help than what the program offers?

We’ve got your back.

You can join our Facebook group- Transform Your Dog in 60 Days with Ty the Dog Guy to get extra help.

Or we do have offerings where you can do Skype training sessions with one of our trainers.

What if we've tried EVERYTHING including qualified professional trainers?

It’s not my aim to boast or brag but we frequently get better results doing a virtual training program like this one than most skilled dog trainers get IN-PERSON with their clients.



We’re just about the only trainers that have systematized the process to go from A to Z.

Most skilled dog trainers are great at teaching you concepts and how to do this or that with your dog. But it’s not structured in a systematized way that builds on itself. It leaves a lot of interpretation for dog owners to try to fill in the blanks.

Our system takes you step-by-step and tells you exactly what to do and when.

Might sound simple. But NO OTHER DOG TRAINERS are doing this and it’s actually quite a revolutionary concept in the dog training industry. We’ve now got dog trainers from around the world learning how to systematize their process using our technique.

But, for now, we’re very unique in our ability to get very predictable results no matter what’s going on with your dog.

What about aggression?

Yep. This program was designed to help with all kinds of aggression.

What age dogs can do this?

We recommend 5 months and older. If your dog is younger than that we have Bonus supplemental training for puppies that you can do until your dog hits 5 months. We've done this with dogs as old as 12 years old. If your dog is healthy, go for it.

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Here’s what people are saying about the course

Week 1

In this first week you'll stop leash pulling, teach a solid place command, and get your dog to start waiting at the door. You'll also set the foundation for getting complete focus and learn some great leadership exercises. You'll also learn how we're going to STOP house training accidents and destruction.

Week 2

In this week you'll expand on week 1's lessons. You'll get a solid sit and down stay (not the sit and down your dog ALREADY does, but taking it to the next level) and you'll start working on our 'Here' formula to set the foundation for a perfect recall. We also teach you a few games that occupy your dog's mind and help with hyperactivity and destruction.

Week 3

In this week we'll start teaching you how to use the e-collar humanely. It's important you have the 2 weeks of foundation before we start this third week. We'll work on an e-collar recall, place, and wait command. The work you'll do in this week will be HUGE for getting off leash obedience AND solving aggression issues you may have.

Week 4

In week 4 you'll continue working on e-collar obedience for sit-stays, down-stays, and we'll also add an 'Easy' command which will perfect your leash walking AND set the table for off leash heeling.

Week 5

In this week you'll start having off leash control. We'll show you how to do it. Also, in this week, we'll introduce you to our famous Step Back Recall; an amazing technique for STOPPING aggression and dogs who are rude when greeting other people or dogs.

Week 6

In this week we're going to be adding distractions. It's not enough for your dog to listen, he or she needs to listen with distractions! We're also going to teach you some grooming tips.

Week 7

In this week we're going to teach you how to start applying your new skills out in public. We're going to do a field trip. We teach you how to 'prime the pump' so that taking your dog to the vet, pet store, or wherever becomes WAY easier by first getting your dog's mindset perfect.

Week 8

In this week we're going to add 'depth'. What that means is we're going to take your dog's obedience that he or she now understands and learn some exercises so that your dog can do them perfectly no matter what.

Week 9

Week 9 is all about wrapping up the entire program, making sure the door manners are perfect, and making sure you can have your dog be obedient on and off leash no matter where you go.


Congrats! You made it!

Get Instant Access to the Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Program

Order this program and you'll get instant access to the entire online course. We'll also ship you an e-collar. If you are in the United States the e-collar will typically arrive within 7 business days. Overseas orders can take a week or more longer. In the program, however, we don't start using the e-collar until week 3 so you can get started right away. The program is currently only available WITH the e-collar. Some clients already have an e-collar but we recommend this particular e-collar for best results.

One Time Payment Of - $397 or 3 Payments of $147


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Do the entire program in the next 60 days. If you aren't happy with the results just email us at [email protected] to ask for a refund of the $197 program cost. The collar remains yours to keep. As the collar comes from the manufacturer we can't offer a money back guarantee on the collar. Do the entire program. Put in the work. Put in the effort. If you aren't happy with your results we'll give you the course refund happily.

Ty Brown

President, Ty the Dog Guy

Ty the Dog Guy