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What if I told you that you could completely transform your dog's behavior in 60 days or less all while IGNORING just about everything you've been told about dog training?

I'm talking about finding solutions for aggression, anxiety, leash pulling, jumping, chewing, barking, lunging, nipping, digging...

...in 60 days or less...

...while ignoring what your friends, neighbors, and even most dog trainers will tell you about dog training and behavior.

Let me tell you a quick story of two dog owners I met a few years back.

These were two friends who had both purchased puppies from the same litter.

Both owners would get together often for puppy play dates and to watch them progress.

Both owners would get together often for puppy play dates and to watch them progress.

​As is common with puppies, both puppies started getting into trouble as they aged.

We're talking the typical stuff. And because they were litter-mates they were pretty similar with everything.

First it was the chewing, then the crazy jumping.

Both of the dog owners recognized they needed help.

But one of them was the type who acted, who saw a problem and sought out solutions.

She gave us a call and we quickly got to work.

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8 Times Best Of State Award Winner 

8 Times Best of State Award Winner

​We’re only as good as the people we have serving our customers. Our main mantras around our building are “Love the dogs and love their owners’. We take that seriously and look forward to serving you, too. Our team provides:

  • Step by Step Dog Training
  • Personalized Dog Training
  • Online Membership and Training

It turned out that the dog had quite a strong streak. It was good we started when we did.

And the results of our program were the same type we've now seen thousands of times: on leash obedience (no pulling), off leash obedience (listening when off the leash, hiking, in the yard, etc), no more manners issues (jumping, chewing, etc.)

The owner was so happy that partway through her program she recommended us to her friend.

Her friend, though, was not the type of person who acted quickly.

She loved her dog. Took her dog to the vet when needed, exercised her dog, and took care as best she could.

But good training training isn't cheap.

We talked about doing a training program but she ultimately decided not to. So she decided to go at it on her own.

At about the one year mark our client who had one of the pups had a completely trained dog. No dog is perfect, but this dog listened and had no big behavior problems.

The other dog, at about a year, started to get worse as it entered maturity.

The anxiety that came from not having proper structure led to nervous barking at other dogs on the walk. A few months later that turned into serious barking. That turned into lunging, no more trips to the dog park, and no more hiking.

In addition, the chewing became a big problem.

We're talking big ticket items like the legs to the dining table, iPhones, and a living room couch.

Walks weren't fun because of the leash pulling. She had a hard time inviting guests over because the dog had such bad manners with new people.

These were dogs that couldn't have started out more similar. But they had turned out so different.

She eventually did hire us. And we got some really great results for her.

But not the same as the other dog who had the proactive owner. Because we weren't just training a dog at that point. Rather, we were wading through a year's worth of baggage and insecurity.

Now, this is a cautionary tale. But it's not meant to sound like every person on earth needs to use our training.

But what I am saying is that this story, and countless others we've seen, show how important training can be both BEFORE problems start, but also ONCE they've taken hold.

Starting sooner rather than later is obviously best. But getting a handle on problems as they come up ALWAYS makes your life easier and your dog much happier.

Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days system is unique.

You can go to any pet store or other dog trainer to get dog training. People don't enroll in our TYD60 program just to check 'Dog training' off their list.

We get two types of dog owners who seek out and have success with our program:


Dog owners who have bigger problems. We're talking aggression, anxiety, destruction, separation anxiety, and big obedience problems.

The TYD60 program is designed to take you step-by-step, week by week, and first create a great relationship between you and your dog built on mutual respect, then overcome behavior problems, and finish with high level, advanced obedience.


People who are accustomed to really taking care of their dogs.

It's rare that we have someone who's dog lives in the back yard. Our clients are people who love the dog like a family member and are willing to put in the time, money, and effort to make sure their dog gets quality food, proper vet care, and really great training.

People who DON'T do well in our program are:

  • People who are lazy with their dogs. They want great behavior, but aren't willing to put in even minor effort.
  • Dog owners with short fuses and big tempers. We absolutely believe in proper and humane corrections and even use training collars. But there is no place for people who are going to be rough, mean, or abusive.
  • Owners who just want something very basic. If all you're looking to do is get your dog to sit for a treat or come for a biscuit, you don't need us. You don't need any professional dog trainer for that matter. You can do that on your own.

People seek us out to either solve REAL problems or get REAL advanced obedience which gives more freedom and pleasure to both them and their dogs.

If you are close enough to us here in Salt Lake City, Utah we invite you to take part in our upcoming TYD60 challenge at our training center.

If you aren't local to us, you can still take part in our challenge.

Click the button below to schedule a discovery session with one of our team trainers so we can show you how we can help.

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Brittany Hancock

My fur baby Max is there right now. These guys are incredible with communication and making sure you know your fur baby is in good hands. They always have time for any questions or concerns and are just as excited to see results and progress as you are!!

Brittany Hancock

Lexi Benson Day

These guys were amazing, I don't even know where to start! We live in San Diego and they were so accommodating of our schedule with drop off and pick up. Lee did a great job of explaining what would happen over the course of the program and answering all of our questions.

We left both of our dogs, Merlin and Maisey, there for a month which was not easy for this fur-mommy! Joe was awesome at sending pictures and videos of their progress and letting us know how things were going. Both Sarah and Joe (and I'm sure several others) worked hard with our pups. When we arrived for pick up we were blown away by their obedience!

Our sessions afterward, both group and private, were really helpful in teaching my husband and I the commands and how to take control. Joe took a good amount of time working us through the commands as well as possible situations that may arise once we get home!

We look forward to continuing the relationship with this facility when we come visit and attend more sessions! I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone, it's well worth the investment!

Lexi Benson Day

Cara Harker

I have to say I already picked a REALLY good puppy, but Joe and Sarah (and I am sure many more lovely people I don't KNOW), loved my Maggie, and taught us how to teach her, and she is THE best puppy. I couldn't be happier, in spite of trying to CATCH her getting on the table to correct that.
I get compliments from all my neighbors telling me what an extraordinarily good dog we have.

Thanks you guys!!

Cara Harker

Em Brewer

Between the service and the people who helped me along the way, I can't be more happy with my experience. I've recently gotten a service dog from Ty and friends and I have to say that not only is he the most well behaved dog I've ever worked with, but he is prepared and trained for dealing with any number of things. I think he's handling some social situations better than I am and shows wonderful behavior and does great work whenever we are in public. I'd really like to highlight how great and helpful everyone was as well. All around great people and I'm so happy about all the work and care obviously put into working with my dog.

Em Brewer

Nancy L Pickering

I can't say enough about this place. We have a St. Bernard, mastiff, great pyrenese cross, lol. He did the boot camp. We are so amazed at his skill level now. This boot camp will be changing our lives. That is how awesome he is trained. The staff is excellent, if they could only stop the slobber and shedding!

Nancy L Pickering