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We’re only as good as the people we have serving our customers. Our main mantras around our building are “Love the dogs and love their owners’.  We take that seriously and look forward to serving you, too. Our team provides:

  • Step by Step Dog Training
  • Personalized Dog Training
  • Dog Day Care and Boarding
  • Online Membership and Training
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Dog Training Products

  • Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Our revolutionary Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program has been huge in helping dog owners from across the world to overcome issues as mild as house training and chewing all the way to heavy anxiety or aggression. Learn More…

  • Product01-300x225-300x225“Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program is like no other. If you’re a dog owner who wants to add a lot of great behaviors or subtract a lot of negative behaviors then this is the system for you. Designed to be completed in 60 days it’s set up so that each week you watch one DVD and get exact and precise instructions on what you need to do during that week. If you can follow the instructions you will quickly see behavior problems melt away and in their place you’ll find a calm and happily obedient dog. Learn More.

  • ecollarWhen it is used properly an e-collar is one of the most humane ways to train a dog. Used properly we can use it on the level of literally a tickle yet, when leveraged the right way, we can use that tiny tickle to have a dog that comes when called every time, heels off leash, stays off leash and more. There are very few trainers in the country that teach obedience on this level and no other DVD programs like this. Learn More.


  • foundation obedienceThere are three ‘Core Behaviors’ that allow you to deal with just about any dog problem out there. If your dog were to simply come when called, stay when told, and walk properly on leash it would allow you to fix most behavior problems. This is not a click and treat program, rather it’s a real-life, in the trenches, step-by-step program for teaching reliable on-leash obedience. Learn More.

  • perfect puppyIf you want to raise the perfect puppy then you have to know how to deal with the four most important parts of puppy training: 1- How to house train a puppy, 2- How to deal with nipping, barking, jumping, chewing, etc., 3- How to train your puppy it’s first obedience commands, 4- How to properly socialize your puppy. This program deals in detail with each of these areas and sets the foundation for having a great dog for years to come.  Learn More.

  • house trainIf you’ve got a puppy or an adult dog who is going potty in the house then this is the program for you. In it you’ll see how I take everyday clients through a simple, four-step program for putting an end to accidents. Most of our clients see an immediate end to indoor potty accidents when they follow this program and then are set up for long term success. As a bonus this program even includes a condensed section on Foundation Obedience. Learn More.

Latest Blog Posts


Big Picture: Elements of Dog Behavior

In this post, I’d like to talk about components of who your dog is. Incorrect thinking on this topic is a trap that I fall into somewhat frequently, just because my overall job as a trainer is to modify a dog’s behavior to reflect what the customer is paying for and what I want...

Cuteness Overload: How To Deal With Manipulation

Today I’m going to talk about your dog playing you for a fool. It happens all the time, and there are a lot of dogs that are smart enough for it. Experts say that 90% of communication is nonverbal, and I totally believe that to be true. I think we as people learn nonverbal...

Smart Exposure: How To Help Dogs With Anxiety

In today’s podcast, I’d like to discuss how to help your dog get over fear and anxiety, and the other barriers that sometimes set them back. Today, I was working with a great client who came in with some of her teenage kids. She told me that the dog we were working with was...

A Few Statistics

Dog Breeds Trained

We’ve trained 134 breeds of dogs as well as thousands of combinations and mixed breeds. We can definitely help you with your dog.

Countries Where Our Training Has Been

Ty has been flown out to work in or his DVDs or Online training programs have been used in 32 countries. We can help you wherever you live.

States Where Our Training Has Been

We recently hit all 50 states where Ty has either been to train or where his DVD or online training products have been used to train dogs. We can help you wherever you live!

Some of Our Clients

We want YOU to be one of our success stories. Read about a few more

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  • Mr D
  • Mr E

Some of Our Clients

We want YOU to be one of our success stories. Read about a few more

Rev is the best dog you chose for us, I can't describe the joy she has brought to our family. She is awesome, and completely listens, she loved my daughter right away and listened to her perfect also, as soon as she walked in the door. We also practiced speak,…

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