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Dog Training Services in Your Local Area? Let Us Help You Train Your Dog and Transform Them in 60 Days!

Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program is our ‘special sauce’ – a dog training program that will knock your socks off. It’s what makes us unique for dog owners looking for dog training services in Fremont, Utah, Savannah, Knoxville.

You see, there are a lot of good dog trainers out there. But having a process for training a dog is unheard of in our industry.

What dog trainers do is constantly try to hyper-customize their training for each dog owner they have. What that means is that each dog owner gets a wildly different set of results from their dog training programs. Dog owners never know what to expect when hiring a dog training professional.

We knew there had to be a better way.

So we designed our program in reverse.

We realized that the clients we love to work with all had four big goals:

  • They want great control of their dog on the leash. They want to visit pet stores, vet’s offices, farmer’s markets, and go on stress-free walks in the neighborhood.
  • They want control of their dog off leash. Hiking, camping, or just having their dog off leash…they want their dog to listen.
  • They want great manners…no jumping, barking, chewing, digging, house training accidents, etc.
  • They want to get rid of, or avoid, anxiety and aggression and fear-based problems.

If that doesn’t sound like you, we may not be the right dog training company for you.

But for the dog owners we love to work with, and the ones who love working with us, we decided to stop doing any sort of just basic dog training. Stop trying to convince people who didn’t want those four things to use our training.

And, instead, we designed a system so that any dog with any problem of any age with any owner could see fantastic and consistent dog training results through our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Program.

If you live in, or can bring your dog to Fremont, Utah, Savannah, Knoxville we would love the chance to show you how we can help transform your dog in the next 60 days or less.

Ty the Dog Guy

You Don’t Live in Our Area But Still Need Dog Training Services? We Can Help!

While we do have multiple dog training locations, not everyone lives close enough to use our in-person services.

That’s okay, this is what makes our system so unique. It’s why we have a system.

You see, most talented dog trainers don’t have a process for what they do. It leads to amazing results sometimes, okay results others, and awful results even at times.

We knew this was a problem.

When we designed our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program we had in mind the toughest dog we typically work with; a dog with aggression issues, pulls on the leash, doesn’t come when called, jumps on people, etc.

And we took everything it takes to fix that dog, and we put it into a system.

That’s how our program was born.

And whether you’ve got that dog with the big issues… or you simply have a dog that needs some really nice obedience and manners… this program is for you.

We filmed the entire process, from A to Z, on how you can transform your dog in 60 days or less.

And we’ve made that program available to any dog owner, anywhere in the world needing dog training services.

Want to See How Train Dogs?

There’s a reason why our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Dog Training Program has turned us into one of the fastest growing dog training programmes around.

Our program really is the hero.

We can take any dog of any age with any problem and, step-by-step, turn the dog’s behavior around in a very predictable way.

Not only that, we’re VERY transparent in how we do it.

We pull back the curtain and show you everything we do.


If you’re looking for dog training that is just treats, we’re not the right program for you.

We use a stablized approach that combines lots of positive motivation with humane and fair correction.

We want to show you how we do it.

What Are Other People Saying About Our Dog Training Program?

We’re thrilled to have been in business for many years and to have helped thousands of dog owners from around the world in training their dogs to improve their behavior.

And we’re thrilled to have received such positive feedback.

We’ve won the Best of State award for best dog trainer in Utah nearly every year we’ve been in business, we’ve been featured by CBS, NBC, ABC, Clear Channel, Spike TV, Entrepreneur Magazine, 97.1 ZHT, KSL Radio, Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, and more.

Best of State Award 10 Time Winner

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