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Why Are Dogs in Latin America Less Aggressive Than Dogs in the United States?


Dog aggression.

The majority of my adult life has been spent dealing with aggression towards dogs, kids, and adults.

With my team we’ve built a company where we’ve helped thousands of dogs improve or overcome their aggression.

At the same time, I’ve traveled extensively and lived in Latin America where I’ve found so much less dog aggression.


I’ve come up with four main reasons why. Below you’ll find a video explanation and key points written down after the video:


Aggression page DvD Graphics

1- People treat dogs like dogs. No excessive petting, attention. No making the dog the center of the universe. No need for constant engagement.

2- Dog owners are quick to correct bad behavior. You don’t see dogs get away with something while the owner stands idly by.

3- Through intent or default owners are clear about what gets the dog what it wants.

4- Dog socialization is done on terms the dog agrees to: no one is forcing them into dog parks, kids don’t generally force themselves on dogs, so dogs learn coping mechanisms if they are stressed.

While the dog cultures are definitely different between these two areas there are things that American dog owners can learn for how to avoid or fix dog aggression.

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