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This dog training location of Ty the Dog Guy is keeping it in the family.

Ty’s brother, Darren, was often a fixture with Ty as he was growing his business. As the business grew Ty and his team trained Darren, Ty’s brother, how to get the same results with our famous Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program.

After serving in the military Darren left active service to start the newest branch of Ty the Dog Guy in the U.S.

Serving Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas, this branch of Ty the Dog Guy offers you Savannah dog trainers to help you with any of your training needs.

Whether you’re looking for puppy training or dog training for your adult dog we can help you.

We’re different than other Savannah dog trainers, though.

We only have ONE dog training program.

Instead of a never-ending cycle of training sessions and packages, we’ve narrowed down the types of results that we produce with every dog and put it into a system. A program.

The program is called…

Transform Your Dog in 60 Days

At this point, we’ve put thousands and thousands of dogs through this program and we have found it very unique in that…

We get PREDICTABLE and HIGH LEVEL results with every single dog we work with.

To be frank, we don’t even TRAIN basic obedience.

You don’t need basic obedience training for your dog.

You probably already have it, actually.

Charleston Dog Trainers, Salt Lake City

Most of our clients come to us already having taught their dogs basic obedience. These dogs know how to sit, know how to lie down, often know how to come when called, perhaps even heel, and many of them know dog training tricks like roll-over and give paw.

In other words, our clients are good dog owners who are putting in work to train their dogs.

But MOST of our clients have a problem.

While their dog already has basic obedience dog training what they DON’T have is…



What I mean by that is, their dog training doesn’t really transfer to the real world.

> Sure, the dog knows how to come when called.

But he or she will never do it when other dogs or distractions are around.

> Yes, the dog knows how to sit and stay. But just try to get the dog to sit and stay while someone rings the doorbell, for example.

Not a chance. That dog is going to jump around and go crazy, or perhaps even get aggressive.

> And most have even trained some leash manners.

But those leash manners go bye-bye the second there is something more interesting to the dog.

You see, you can go to ANY Savannah dog trainer and get the basics.

You don’t need us for that.

But if you’re like our clients who want that on and off leash control out in the real world then our training program is likely something that you would love.

Our program is called Transform Your Dog in 60 Days, or TYD60.

The TYD60 program was designed to be the opposite of what every other dog trainer does.

Instead of just a few dog training sessions designed to sell you the next set of dog training sessions and the next set…

We designed a program that will be the last dog training program you’ll ever need.

It’s not about getting you into the on-leash training course only to try to then sell you later on the off-leash dog training course.

Every Savannah dog owner that leaves our program has four skill sets:


1- High level leash training. The type of leash training where you can go anywhere with your dog and have no pulling or lunging….even if your dog LOVES distractions. (Or HATES them for that matter)

2- Complete off leash training. No one needs to hire us to train their dog to come when called. You’ve probably already trained that.

What you NEED is someone to help you learn how to get a dog to leave a distraction and THEN come when called. REAL-WORLD training is what we do and that makes us very different and unique.

While it may sound basic, most Savannah dog trainers don’t even address this part of the training process.

We use modern, humane, safe, and fair e-collar (electric collar) training to help you and your dog arrive at this level of off leash reliability.

3- Having amazing manners

Dog manners that your dog will have include not jumping on guests, not chewing your stuff, not counter surfing for food, not digging into your trash.

In addition, your dog will learn the best way to handle door greetings. We train your dog to go lie on his or her bed when someone comes to your door, no more bad manners of jumping all over guests, or worse.

Imagine not being embarrassed by your dog at home and out about.

4- Fixing aggression and anxiety

If you’re dealing with leash aggression, dog aggression, aggressive behavior towards humans, then our program is built to help you work through that.

Our system is second-to-none when it comes to helping Savannah dog owners work through aggressive dog behavior.

And if your dog doesn’t have aggressive or anxious behavior, we’ll focus on making sure those behaviors don’t creep in. We do this through proper socialization, setting the right relationship between you and your dog, and helping your dog maintain a calm mindset.

What do you think?

Are you the dog owner who wants these four categories for your dog?

If so, let’s talk.


Or call (615) 933-2415 for Nashville dog trainers.

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