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Dog Trainers in Salt Lake City Utah

If you’re looking for dog trainers in Salt Lake City, Utah you’re in the right place.

SLC is the birthplace of Ty the Dog Guy in 2006.

During our time here in Utah we have won the Best of State award for Utah dog trainers nearly every year we’ve been in business as well as being featured on nearly every major news outlet in Utah.

The awards and exposure all come because of our commitment to our dog owner clients.

Years ago we realized that dog owners, like you, weren’t being served right in the Utah area.

All of the SLC dog trainers, and trainers all around the state for that matter, were all doing the same thing.

ALL of them were simply trying to sell X number of private sessions, or a certain group course, or board and train (we call them boot camp dog training) programs.

Sounds normal, right?

It is. The whole industry is like that.

The problem is that dog owners like yourself, though, need far more than just a few sessions to get to their goals.

ty family

10 times Best-of-State award winnerYou see, the dog owners that love our dog training service tend to have a lot of similarities.

> They don’t just need information…

Information is easy to get.

Hop on Youtube, grab a dog training book, read some dog training articles online, etc. and you’ll get all the dog training information in the world you could hope fore.

> Dog owners who love our training also don’t need basic dog obedience training.

You’ve already got that.

Your dog knows how to sit. Probably knows how to lie down. Knows what come means, and more.

You’ve got the basics down.

What dog owners who love our training really need are things like:

  • Transfer of skills. Again, you don’t need just info on how to train a dog. You need someone SHOWING you how to do it. How to hold the leash. How to respond to an aggression scenario. How to give commands, etc.
  • Expansion of skills. Once you learn a new skill set you’ve got to expand that skill set to apply it to other areas with your dog. For example, your dog knows how to sit….but NOW we’ve got to get him to sit and stay while someone rings your doorbell. THAT is skill expansion.
  • Accountability. Yes, you’re an adult. But, yes, you need to be held accountable. We all do. We all get better results when a pro is holding us accountable.
  • Troubleshooting. As you’re going about your dog training efforts you need someone who can help you figure out problems as they come up.
  • Long term consistency. Anybody can get you to do something for a day or two. But staying consistent long term can be tough, but we help dog owners do it all the time easily.

There are plenty more things that a successful dog training program is going to have.

But dog trainers are trying to cram ALL of that into a few private sessions. Or a few group obedience classes. Or a couple weeks of board and train.

It’s setting you up to fail.

You need more than just ONE platform to get your training.

A multi platform approach that helps you with skill transfer, skill expansion, accountability, troubleshooting, consistency and more is what we knew people needed.

And that’s how our famous Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program was created.

It was created from recognizing a need for dog owners to get better, more efficient, and more complete instruction and help.

And the results speak for themselves.

No other Salt Lake dog trainers are getting the results we are. No one is able to CONSISTENTLY help all different types of dogs of all different ages of all different breeds with all kinds of dog problems.

When you enroll in our TYD60 program your results will be customized based on your dog and your goals. But we find that the SLC dog owners who enjoy our program that most tend to have goals in 3 or 4 of the following areas:

1- A need for leash training

With great leash training you can have your dog not only going on fun walks in the neighborhood or on the trails in the canyon, but also makes going to the vet or pet store or farmer’s market much more fun.

2- Off leash training and control

Can you have your dog off leash and have him or her listen to you?

Even with distractions?

Most dog owners can’t.

I’m talking about something as simple as just trotting out to the sidewalk to grab the mail while your dog is off leash all the way to the more complex off leash control while being on the trails and up in the mountains with heavy distraction.

3- Fantastic dog manners

‘Fantastic dog manners’ is a bit vague.

I’m talking about a dog who politely waits in his bed when neighbors come knocking on the door. A dog who won’t jump, won’t chew, won’t get in the trash, isn’t barking all the time.

That’s what I mean by fantastic manners.

4- A solution for dog aggression

This is where we’ve really made our name.

Our program addresses the root cause of aggression, anxiety, and antisocial behaviors and helps the dog STOP those bad behaviors but also feel far more comfortable so he or she doesn’t even feel the need to act that way in the first place.

Does this sound like something that would be of interest to you?

Great! We’d love to be of help.

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