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How to Maintain Dog Training- Once Your Dog is ‘Trained’, Now What?


Getting your dog trained isn’t easy. Whether you’re dealing with behavior problems like dog aggression, chewing, destruction, or separation anxiety it can be tough to overcome problems and get a dog trained.

But once your dog has been trained, what do you do now?

You know you have to maintain the training. But what are some ways to do that which don’t take a ton of time?

Watch the video below or read on for ideas on how to maintain your dog’s training:

Most of maintaining training is about maintaining a mindset that is structured and under control.

That doesn’t mean you can’t let your dog be wild and have fun. But it does mean you want your dog more structured than not.

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Here are some daily, weekly, and monthly ideas:

Daily Dog Training Tasks

Daily dog training maintenance is all about structured motion and structured non motion.

Make sure to get a 30 minute focus walk and 30 minutes of place or down stay per day.

Weekly Dog Training Tasks

There are things that you should practice weekly that help keep structure and obedience fresh:

  • Practice good door manners. Work your dog through the routine of how to greet people at the door.
  • Practice step-back-recall for dogs that have aggression or excited greeting problems.
  • Do some ‘out of sight’ down stay work.
  • Do at least one session practicing recall.
  • Do a down-stay with high value distractions like food or toys.

Monthly Dog Training Tasks

Here are some monthly things you can do to keep training maintained:

  • Doggy push-ups
  • Heeling with a long line around your waist
  • Practicing impulse control while playing fetch
  • Do a field trip and get your dog on unusual surfaces

This list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other things you can do to maintain your dog’s training.

But these are several things that give you the most maintenance for the least amount of work.

Happy Training!

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