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This Thanksgiving- How to Keep Your Dog Off the Counter and Away From the Turkey

Okay, I know you’re worried about it. You know what I’m talking about. You put that beautiful, glistening, buttery, golden-brown Thanksgiving turkey on the counter to rest after taking it out of the oven only to have your dog reach up and steal it, absconding with it underneath the bed only to growl at Uncle …


Dog Daycare- Working With Challenging Dogs

We opened our daycare today and we had a fun time with new dogs in for the day.  One of the dogs that came in is a dog that really struggles whenever she sees knew dogs.  She is reactive and puts on a show of aggression, lunging at the leash and trying to get to …


How to Introduce New Dogs

A question I get quite frequently deals with how to introduce dogs together. While the question often centers on dog parks, trails around Salt Lake City, or a friend’s home who already has a dog these concepts can be applied in various greeting spots. The above video shows a dog we were integrating into our …


The Biggest Buzz Word in Dog Training

Dog training buzz words There is a big ‘buzz word’ in dog training.  When I say ‘buzz word’ I’m referring to a term that is thrown around with a lot of frequency that is oft-times misused, misunderstood, or mis-applied.  That word is ‘socialization’. And a misunderstanding of this word is ruining a lot of dogs. …

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