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How Much Daily Time Does it Take to Train Your Dog?


Hey dog owner!

Everyone wants to know how much time they should dedicate every day to training their dog. I’ve got answers. Watch the video below.

Remember These Three Key Dog Training Principles:

1- The Walk

You should make it a priority to get your dog a walk every day.

The walk isn’t just to get you and your dog exercise. A great deal of training happens on the walk including loose leash walking, sit command, down command, impulse control, distraction training, and so much more.

Give the walk whatever time you can give it, ideally 45 minutes or more.

But even if you can only do a 15-20 minute walk make sure to take that time.

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2- Practice

So much of dog training is repetition.

You dog simply needs to repeat commands and cues over and over and over before he or she will get good at them.

Take 20-40 minutes per day to focus just on practicing the commands you’re working on.

3- Integration Training

The idea behind integration dog training is you want to integrate the things you’re working on into your daily routine.

For example, you can work on a place command while you eat lunch. A down stay while you watch TV. A wait command while you move through doors. A sit command while you prepare a meal for your dog.

Many dogs realize that training only happens in specific sessions so they won’t be obedient in every day life.

Working on integration training teaches your dog to be obedient no matter what is going on.

Do these three things and you’ll have success in getting your dog trained.

Happy Training!

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