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Dominance in Dogs: It’s Not What You Think


One of the most misused and misunderstood terms in all of dog training is ‘dominance’. People are quick to point to dominance as the reason their dog is stubborn, why they aren’t ‘alpha’, and why their dog misbehaves.

But ‘dominance’ as it’s being used is almost never the culprit. I’ll explain more…

Dominance connotes strong voices, yelling, being ‘tough’ with your dog, and other unnecessary things.

In reality, what you should be striving for isn’t to be ‘alpha’ to your dog.

You should be pushing to get great leadership with your dog. A type of leadership where your dog trusts you and listens to commands out of trust and respect.

Not out of fear.

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Dominance brings out fear. Leadership garners respect.

How do you get that type of leadership?


Great leadership comes about by setting and communicating clear expectations and following through on those expectations.

It’s that simple.

So stop worrying about dominance and alpha. Be a great leader for your dog.

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