Hyper dog

There are few things more frustrating than a hyperactive dog. A hyperactive dog is one that seems to never calm down, jumps all over guests and furniture, tears around the house, barks at every sound and visitor, and basically causes a nuisance.

This is a problem of both genes and learned behavior. You may be saying, “This is no learned behavior, I never would have taught my dog to be this hyperactive.” Unfortunately, most people inadvertently train their dogs to be hyperactive by not knowing how to stop it. If the behavior isn’t stopped it persists.

Our training system will show you how to reverse this process. The first step is to make sure that your dog is getting sufficient exercise and beyond that it is a matter of training out the bad behaviors, reconditioning your dog to happily accept a new way of life, and teaching new behaviors to help your dog better deal with his or her pent up energy.

Impulse control is the name of the game.  Most dogs never learn to slow down their impulses and just think.  Here’s a quick video of two young dogs learning from a young age how to NOT be hyper in the face of distractions and how to, instead, relax and process information rather than give in to it.