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The way that Ty the Dog Guy came to have a dog training location in Charleston, SC came about in somewhat of a funny way.

Dog trainer, Ty Brown, started the company and grew it to have numerous Salt Lake City Dog Trainers  on staff at its flagship location.

But due to heavy air pollution (Yes, Salt Lake City has very bad air quality) Ty was repeatedly getting sick every year while running his dog training company.

Wanting to find a place at sea level that didn’t have pollution and cold, and ideally had a beach, Ty decided to split his time between Charleston and SLC.

And Ty the Dog Guy, Charleston was born.

If you’re just being introduced to us here in Charleston…


We love dogs and we can’t wait to meet your dog.

Here in Charleston Ty has paired up with dog trainer, Randy Ahmann, to help dog owners all over the Low Country with their dog problems.

The way we go about solving dog training problems is different.

For starters, we have just ONE dog training program.

You might be saying, “But MY dog is different.  And my goals are different than other dog owners.”

That may be so. 

We aren’t for everyone.

There is a very specific type of dog owner who loves our training.

This dog owner is the type who wants to fill, what we call, the four dog behavior buckets.

Charleston Dog Trainers

That is to say, dog owners who want:

1- Great on leash behavior.

Whether it’s just a nice walk in the neighborhood, or going to the vet’s office, pet store, or grooming salon, our clients are the kinds who want those walks to be a joy.

They want their dog to calmly walk near their side.

No pulling, no lunging.  No barking at other dogs.  No tugging on the leash to greet everyone they see.  No aggression.

A highly functional level of on leash obedience.

2- Off leash obedience.

Charleston dog owners who use our training are the kinds of people who want to be able to enjoy their dog off the leash.

That might be a trip to the beach or a walk in the forest.

It might just be to go grab the newspaper off the driveway while having their dog off leash.

But our clients are the type who want that off leash control…

…WITHOUT a dog racing off after a squirrel, another dog, or distraction.

3- Great manners

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have a dog who jumps, barks, digs, chews, etc.

Our clients are the types who want a dog who is respectful of house rules and isn’t being a nuisance or embarrassment with bad behavior.

They want to be able to answer the door without having to shove the dog off into the back bedroom because they’re afraid of how he’ll act.

They want a dog who just FITS into their life instead of them having to change everything for their dog.

4- Behavior modification problems

There are SO many dogs afflicted with anxiety and aggression and fear and other such challenges.

It actually represents over half of the Charleston dog owners who hire us for training.

Fear and anxiety can lead to aggressive behavior like leash reactivity, biting, barking, lunging, dog aggression, child aggression, resource guarding, and more.

Over the years we’ve developed one of the most unique systems for dealing with anxiety and aggression.

The high level obedience training we teach combined with a method we’ve developed called the Step Back Recall is a style of fixing problem behavior that no other Charleston dog trainers are doing.


In summary, our clients are the kinds of dog owners that want to fill up all of these behavior buckets.

> They aren’t just looking for basic obedience where they get their dog to sit or lie down for a treat.  In fact, most of our clients already have that basic obedience training and don’t need help with that.

> They aren’t looking for quick tips or simple fixes.  They know that owning a dog is a lifestyle. Not something you just do when it feels convenient.

> Our clients want their dogs to be PART of the family.

Introducing our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program.

Our TYD60 Program was built with the idea that we were only going to be happy if all four of these behavior buckets were filled….

….if EVERY client left our training with on leash obedience, off leash obedience, great manners, and either solutions for anxiety or aggression, or the training needed to avoid those behavior problems in the first place.

While every dog is different we’ve found that we can produce a very consistent result across the board by just following the curriculum.  By just doing the work week in and week out for 9 weeks we can fill those behavior buckets with just about any dog.

> Any dog

> Any age

> Any breed

> Any problem 

We’ve proven it now with thousands of dogs from around the world.  Whether it’s obedience or aggression or just a dog who’s naughty who needs to learn to be a good citizen, our dog training with our TYD60 program is unlike any other dog training program from any Charleston dog trainer or any dog trainer period.

We’d love to serve your dog here in the Charleston area including Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Hanahan, and surrounding areas.


Or call (843) 493-4127 for Charleston dog trainers.

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