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Dog Trainers in Nashville, Tennessee

Following our tradition of having dog training centers in some of America’s coolest cities, Ty the Dog Guy is happy to be offering dog trainers in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our growth to Nashville has been organic.

Team member, Brianna, was a dog trainer at our SLC dog training location when she and her husband decided to move to Nashville for her husband’s work.

It was perfect timing for us to expand and offer our dog training services in Tennessee.

In Nashville, we offer the same famous Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program that we offer at our other locations and to dog owners across the world.

In case you aren’t familiar, our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days, or TYD60, program is unique.

No other Nashville dog trainers are doing anything like this.

Our signature program was designed years ago to go against dog training trends we found around the country.

You see, from just about any dog trainer in the country you can purchase a certain amount of sessions.

Or a group dog training class for X amount of weeks.

Or a board and train dog training option for 2-3 weeks.

But what does that mean?

Did you ever have a problem with your dog and exclaim, “Argh!  I need to go find 4 dog training sessions that I can buy from a dog trainer!”

Of course you never do that.

You aren’t out there looking for a certain number of dog training sessions, or weeks of a training program…

….you’re looking for a dog trainer who can provide you RESULTS.

Now, of course, those results will have sessions and weeks attached to them…

But we find that getting you the best results is not about trying to sign you up for X amount of sessions like other dog trainers who then keep trying to sell you more and more sessions and more and more weeks of training.

Nashville Dog Trainers

Instead, we looked at the issues that dog owners have been bringing us for years and years.

I’m talking…

> Leash pulling

> Jumping

> Chewing and other destruction

> Not coming when called

> Anxiety, including separation anxiety

> Aggression, lunging, barking, biting, etc.

> Bad manners when someone rings the doorbell

> Getting on counters, in the trash

> More

We looked at these things that we deal with time and time again…

We designed a way to solve all of these problems with one program…

And we put it into a system that involves far more than just dog training sessions or weeks of boot camp including home study, follow up group training for maintenance, and more.

That program is our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program.

The core training is done either in private training sessions or a board and train in one of our trainer’s homes.

And then we have follow through that allows you to keep the training fresh and maintained over the life of your dog.

The really great part about our dog training program is that it doesn’t matter:

> Your dog’s age

> Your dog’s breed

> The problems you’re currently having

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve ‘TRIED EVERYTHING!’, a phrase we hear often.

Yet, time and time again, even if dog owners have watched every Youtube video, gone to group obedience classes, gotten advice from every co-worker or family member, or even worked with other Nashville dog trainers, we find that we can get them the results they’re looking for.

Every dog we train will have results in four main areas:

1- Obedience training on the leash

Off leash training is very rare these days, for some reason.

Most dog trainers seem afraid to train it.

But it’s at the core of every program we do.

We want you to be able to go to the park or on a hike and rely on your dog to listen to you, come back when called, or heel next to your side.

We use e-collar training to accomplish this using a technique we developed that is fair and humane for the dog.

2- Obedience training off the leash

Charleston dog owners who use our training are the kinds of people who want to be able to enjoy their dog off the leash.

That might be a trip to the beach or a walk in the forest.

It might just be to go grab the newspaper off the driveway while having their dog off leash.

But our clients are the type who want that off leash control…

…WITHOUT a dog racing off after a squirrel, another dog, or distraction.

3- Teaching solid manners

When we talk about manners we are referring to jumping, chewing, digging, getting in the trash, getting on counters for food, and things like that.

We’re also referring to a dog who has good manners when someone comes and knocks on your door.

Instead of going nuts, we train your dog to go lie in a bed and stay put.

Every dog leaves our program with great doggie manners.

4- Aggression and its buddies

Aggression is a big dog problem.

And it has a lot of buddies like fear and anxiety and leash reactivity and insecurity.

These are all quite related and in every program we help you and your dog push through these antisocial behaviors so that you can have a dog who goes places with you, is safe, and under control.

What do you think?

Are you like our Nashville dog owner clients who are looking to have a dog who excels in these four areas?

If so, click the link below to schedule a call to talk with one of our Nashville dog trainers about how we can help you


Or call (615) 933-2415 for Nashville dog trainers.

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