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Dog Chewing and the Collateral Effect

Today, I’d like to talk about an experience I had with a client from six or seven years ago. This incident was brought to my memory today because it displays a very important concept. This client was a husband a wife with no kids, and their dog was a big-time chewer. And he chewed expensive …


Just A Habit: Real Obedience Training For Dogs

The other day I heard some barking in my backyard. I live in a very unique neighborhood. In the small block that I live on, there are about fifteen houses. Out of all those houses, my family is the only one that owns dogs. Nowhere else in America will you see fifteen houses in a …


Chew On This: Solving A Common Problem

In this post, I want to address dog chewing. This issue is a big deal! I just got out of a session with a nine-month old dog who’s doing an absolutely stellar job in training. He’s trained off-leash, he listens at a high level, and he’s doing public access work to become a service dog. …

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