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Just A Habit: Real Obedience Training For Dogs

The other day I heard some barking in my backyard. I live in a very unique neighborhood. In the small block that I live on, there are about fifteen houses. Out of all those houses, my family is the only one that owns dogs. Nowhere else in America will you see fifteen houses in a …


Let It Snow: Winter Stimulation for Your Dog

As I write this, it’s cloudy and windy and chilly outside, and that means that soon we’ll start getting a certain type of call from some of our clients. Oftentimes, we train a dog in the spring or summer and have some great results in fixing aggression or house training. But sure enough, come the …


Getting Along: A Demystification of Dominance

With this post, I want to talk about myths surrounding the topic of dominance. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of truisms like “You can’t let your dog on the couch,” “You have to eat before your dog,” “You need to make sure your dog moves out of your way when you’re walking, rather …


Calling the Shots: Managing Kids and Pets

Today I’d like to talk to you about a troubling sentiment that I hear quite a lot from new dog owners. It came to mind because of a conversation that I recently had with a client. This individual was explaining to me how they needed to get some training for their dog, who was aggressive …


Changing Contexts: Understanding Perspective

In this article, I’d like to talk a bit about context—in other words, how how dogs perceive information. At our company, we do a lot of boot camps. In these camps, both local people from here in Utah or people from out of state bring their dogs to us, and we train the dog and …


All In the Family: Managing the Multi-Dog Household

Today, I’ve been hanging out with two of my dogs as well as a few of my clients’ dogs. Watching all of them together got me thinking about multi-dog households. Many of my clients struggle   with having moe than one dog in their home. Their dogs get into fights, become destructive, or simply feed off …

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