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Salt Lake City Dog Trainers- Is E-Collar Training For You


Salt Lake City Dog Trainers- E-Collar Training

There are a variety of e-collar training myths that dog owners can find if they so desire. When people set out online to learn the best way to train their dog they’ll often find websites dedicated to telling you how awful e-collars are. Most of them will use phony pictures of dogs who have been injured or tell stories which only illustrate how poorly amateur dog owners train with e-collars.

The truth is, though, that done right, the e-collar is the most humane and quickest way to get your dog trained. We’ve developed a system that is unique in the dog training industry for using e-collars to:

– Solve aggression cases. Nope, we don’t use them to zap the dog when they are being aggressive. Rather, we use this style of training to communicate with the dog BEFORE the dog ever felt the need to be aggressive in order to teach the dog how to be more confident, well adjusted, and calm in the face of distraction that make the dog nervous.

– Achieve advanced levels of obedience. Most dog owners want their dogs to come when called in the front yard. Or while hiking. Or while at the park. Many dog owners would like their dogs to heel off leash around the neighborhood. Or stay when told when the owner goes to answer a door that has been knocked.

Guess what? You don’t accomplish that level of obedience with the fad that is treat and clicker training. We are unique in that we offer advanced off leash training. Most companies tell you that this isn’t feasible and that you should have your dog on leash at all times. That isn’t the case if you do your training the right way.

– Freedom from destruction and manners issues. So many of our clients complain of jumping dogs, holes dug in the yard, chewed up valuables and more. E-collar training is the quickest and most humane way to overcome these costly problems. But you’ve got to know how to do it right.

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No matter what you’re looking to achieve or what challenges you’re facing with your dog training endeavors, it’s a sure thing that with proper e-collar training you can arrive at your goals quicker in a way that is easier for both you and your dog.


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