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Is Using an Electric Collar for Training Your Dog Cruel?

As a Utah dog training company that uses electric dog training collars with many of our clients I’m often asked the question on whether or not they’re cruel or inhumane. It’s a valid question. If you go research ‘electric collars’ or ‘remote collars’ or ‘shock collars’ or ‘e collars’ online it’s likely you’ll find: Pictures …


How to Train a Dog With an Electric Collar

This is a dog training topic I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time. I’ve done tons of videos both free (check out my Youtube page) and paid (check out our dog training DVDs).  I’ve written articles.  I’ve done dog training podcasts. In other words, over the years I’ve produced countless hours of content on …


How to Fix Dog Reactivity and Aggression

Hey all! Last night we pulled off our first live webinar.  I think it went great! Now, here’s the thing.  I had been looking for a dog that gets really aggressive and reactive when it sees other dogs. We found a dog here locally that does that.  When he came to our building he didn’t …


Electric Collar Training- Interview With Robin MacFarlane

Electric Collar Training- Robin MacFarlane In the dog training world there are about a thousand and one different styles of thinking.  This training is using clickers.  That one uses treats.  That one uses training collars.  And that one barks at his dogs when they disobey. While there is no shortage of differences of opinion it …


Salt Lake City Dog Trainers- Is E-Collar Training For You

Salt Lake City Dog Trainers- E-Collar Training There are a variety of e-collar training myths that dog owners can find if they so desire. When people set out online to learn the best way to train their dog they’ll often find websites dedicated to telling you how awful e-collars are. Most of them will use …

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