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Is Using an Electric Collar for Training Your Dog Cruel?

As a Utah dog training company that uses electric dog training collars with many of our clients I’m often asked the question on whether or not they’re cruel or inhumane. It’s a valid question. If you go research ‘electric collars’ or ‘remote collars’ or ‘shock collars’ or ‘e collars’ online it’s likely you’ll find: Pictures …


Survival of the Fittest, Weakness and Leadership

In today’s post, I want to address the topic of weakness. Now, we like to believe that we’ve evolved to a level where we don’t pick on the weak, at least as adults. As an adult, I know that . As a kid, I definitely picked on those who were weaker at times and got …


How To Train Dog With E-Collars

In this post, I want to address some of the challenges of the electric training collar. Those of you who know a little about my company know that we use these collars with most of our clients. We do this because, done correctly, the collar allows us to get to an advanced level of off-leash …


How to Train a Small Dog With an Electric Collar

It’s important to remember that little dogs need training just like the big dogs do! Little dogs without great dog training are more susceptible to injury, loss, and attack. Here’s a dog training video showing how to train a small dog with an electric collar (e-collar). The principles are the exact same. They are just …


Unusual Methods: Working Through Fear

With this post I want to talk about overcoming fear, perhaps in a manner that you aren’t familiar with. While I have written about this subject in the past, I want to cover some new ground. Today I had my last private session with a particular client before they start coming to our group sessions. …


What’s The Deal With E-Collars?

Today’s post covers a topic that’s become controversial in recent years: electric training collars. These tools, sometimes referred to as shock collars or remote collars, are often accompanied by a lot of debate. The bottom line, however, is that they’re incredibly useful tools. My company does a lot of great work with the e-collar. The …


How to Use an Electric Collar to Solve Dog Aggression

In the world of dog training there are two topics that tend to be at the core of many controversies. I’m referring, of course, to: – Training with Electric Collars (sometimes referred to as shock collars, e-collars, remote trainers, remote collars, etc.) – Fixing dog aggression As Utah’s most recognized and successful company at solving …


How to Train a Dog With an Electric Collar

This is a dog training topic I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time. I’ve done tons of videos both free (check out my Youtube page) and paid (check out our dog training DVDs).  I’ve written articles.  I’ve done dog training podcasts. In other words, over the years I’ve produced countless hours of content on …


Electric Collar Training- Interview With Robin MacFarlane

Electric Collar Training- Robin MacFarlane In the dog training world there are about a thousand and one different styles of thinking.  This training is using clickers.  That one uses treats.  That one uses training collars.  And that one barks at his dogs when they disobey. While there is no shortage of differences of opinion it …

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