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Is Using an Electric Collar for Training Your Dog Cruel?

As a Utah dog training company that uses electric dog training collars with many of our clients I’m often asked the question on whether or not they’re cruel or inhumane. It’s a valid question. If you go research ‘electric collars’ or ‘remote collars’ or ‘shock collars’ or ‘e collars’ online it’s likely you’ll find: Pictures …


Breed Based Dog Aggression- Can You Fix Dog Aggression in Any Breed?

For over 10 years we’ve been seen as Utah’s go-to dog trainer for fixing dog aggression. And there’s a question I’ve heard over and over with a few variations: I know you fix dog aggression…but I have a German Shepherd. Can you fix dog aggression in a German Shepherd? Have you ever fixed dog aggression …


How To Understand Dog Communication

Today I’d like to share my story about a bad haircut and how it relates to your dog training. (It does, I promise!) Right now I’m in Savannah, Georgia for my bother’s wedding. I never bring a razor with me when I travel, so I really needed to shave and my hair was getting …


How To Deal With An Aggressive Dog

I opened up my email today and saw a question from a person looking for advice. “My dog is six months old and he’s starting to get aggressive. Do you think he’ll grow out of it?” My very frank response was “No, he’ll probably grow into it.” My experience suggests that he’ll start to do …


How to Train an Aggressive French Bulldog- Online Video Training

In this Transformations video we take you through the dog training process on how to train an aggressive French Bulldog. Frenchies are great, but like many bull breeds they can be stubborn and can have some aggression issues at times. Many bullies can have dog aggression. In this dog training video we show behind the …


How to Solve Dog Aggression- Pit Bull Case Study

At our Utah dog training company we have become known for solving some of the bigger aggression cases in the state. While every dog is different there is a definite formula or system that can be applied to just about any dog with any type of aggression that can dramatically improve their behavior. Often in …


How to Use an Electric Collar to Solve Dog Aggression

In the world of dog training there are two topics that tend to be at the core of many controversies. I’m referring, of course, to: – Training with Electric Collars (sometimes referred to as shock collars, e-collars, remote trainers, remote collars, etc.) – Fixing dog aggression As Utah’s most recognized and successful company at solving …


Watch This Dog Aggression Case Study

Here is a video we did of our process on how to work on and fix dog aggression.

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