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Breed Based Dog Aggression- Can You Fix Dog Aggression in Any Breed?

For over 10 years we’ve been seen as Utah’s go-to dog trainer for fixing dog aggression. And there’s a question I’ve heard over and over with a few variations: I know you fix dog aggression…but I have a German Shepherd. Can you fix dog aggression in a German Shepherd? Have you ever fixed dog aggression …


How to Train a Hyper Dog

Do you have a hyper dog? Lots of dog owners mistakenly see a hyper dog and think that they’re looking at a happy dog. They aren’t. They’re looking at a dog with no self control. You don’t overcome a hyper dog with age. There are plenty of older hyper dogs. Training a hyper dog is …


How to Train an Aggressive French Bulldog- Training to Fix Dog Aggression

In this Transformations video we take you through the dog training process on how to train an aggressive French Bulldog. Frenchies are great, but like many bull breeds they can be stubborn and can have some aggression issues at times. Many bullies can have dog aggression. In this dog training video we show behind the …


How to Train an Aggressive Border Collie

At Ty the Dog Guy we deal with and train a lot of aggressive dogs. In this episode of Transformations we are training an aggressive border collie. This is a dog who had nipped and bitten and barked at just about any new person he saw. He wasn’t safe when people came to the house …


Components of Dog Aggression

In order to fix dog aggression we need to understand the components of aggression. Watch this dog training video to learn more about aggressive dogs.


How to Train a Dog to Run on a Treadmill

Treadmill training for dogs is amazing. When we’re looking to deal with destruction, chewing, aggression, anxiety, and many more dog behavior problems many of these problems are helped or even fixed if the dog is physically or mentally tired. Many dog owners find that training a dog to run on a treadmill is a great …


Tending the Tinderbox: How Small Habits Prevent Big Problems

In my community there’s a hillside covered in dead, brown grass. There are a few shades of green on the hill, but they’re only there because of the community’s efforts to water this dead hill. I live directly across the street, and every time our guests see the sprinklers come on in the evening, they …

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