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Breed Based Dog Aggression- Can You Fix Dog Aggression in Any Breed?


For over 10 years we’ve been seen as Utah’s go-to dog trainer for fixing dog aggression. And there’s a question I’ve heard over and over with a few variations:

  • I know you fix dog aggression…but I have a German Shepherd. Can you fix dog aggression in a German Shepherd?
  • Have you ever fixed dog aggression in a Golden Retriever?
  • Have you ever worked with an aggressive Rottweiler?

The variations are endless.

The mindset that the dog owner has is ‘my dog is unique and my dog’s aggression is unique..I need to find someone experienced with this’.

It’s a very rational thought.

But the reality is that dog aggression tends to act the same way across breeds.

Dog aggression tends to have at it’s roots:

Aggression page DvD Graphics

1- Mindset problems: The dog thinks about various triggers wrong. For example, the dog feels like other dogs are a threat, even when they aren’t. Or sees men as terrifying, even when men aren’t planning on doing anything wrong.

These mindset problems need to be fixed regardless of the breed.

2- Relationship problems: Almost always a dog displaying aggression is feeling insecure about where he or she fits in the relationship with the owner.

Working on a a proper leader/follower relationship is critical for solving dog aggression regardless of the breed.

So does breed matter at all?


I know that an Australian Cattle Dog that has aggression issues may be a bit more prone to barking like mad and nipping when it sees something that makes it nervous.

I know that a Pit Bull with aggression challenges may be a bit more reserved before acting on aggression.

I know that there may be differences with HOW their aggression manifests but, overall, I know that if I can address those two issues we’ll see some great results with solving dog aggression regardless of the breed.

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