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Dog Training As Insurance

In this post, I want to talk about insurance. The other day, I started to think about investing in dog training kind of reminds me of the way that people . When I say “investing,” I am talking partially about money, but I’m also talking about effort and time and engagement—everything that goes into the …


How To Understand Dog Communication

Today I’d like to share my story about a bad haircut and how it relates to your dog training. (It does, I promise!) Right now I’m in Savannah, Georgia for my bother’s wedding. I never bring a razor with me when I travel, so I really needed to shave and my hair was getting …


Changing Behavior One Step At A Time

Today I’d like to talk about something I call “bite-sized chunks.” This is a concept I use tot show clients how to bring about complex behavior changes in their dogs. Now, a complex task for a dog is very different from a complex task for us. If someone were to tell me to go upstairs, …


Case Study- Why They Say it Wouldn’t Work and Why it Did

Meet Kae and Willy. Willy is a pointer clocking in somewhere around eight years old. Kae and her husband like to rescue dogs when they’re a bit older as they feel that a lot of these dogs don’t get a good chance at rescue. Willy is an amazing dog. He’s about as sweet as they …

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