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How to Use an Electric Collar to Solve Dog Aggression


In the world of dog training there are two topics that tend to be at the core of many controversies. I’m referring, of course, to:

– Training with Electric Collars (sometimes referred to as shock collars, e-collars, remote trainers, remote collars, etc.)

– Fixing dog aggression

As Utah’s most recognized and successful company at solving dog aggression we’ve got a lot of insight into both.

Quite frequently we hear certain dog owners or dog trainers spread fallacies about electric collars. They claim that they’re cruel or abusive.

When used properly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Check out a recent video on how we use an electric collar to solve dog aggression:

Aggression page DvD Graphics

It’s important to remember that, more than anything, the electric collar is a tool for communication. It’s not a tool for punishment.

When used as punishment it’s entirely possible that a dog’s aggression can get worse. When used to communicate skills like focus, calmness, and other skill sets, though, an electric collar can do an amazing job at teaching a dog to not be aggressive.

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